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I am really excited to share today’s Content Samurai review with you today, I have just completed my research on this product and it got me thinking about how hard it is getting to rank in the search engines. With Google’s updates not helping.

The question now is: Is their a free traffic generation alternative?

For many people their is and this is video marketing. But this can be a little scary for many people and an option they would rather avoid.

So wouldn’t it make life a lot easier if their was an easy to use video creator tool?

And this is where my excitement comes in because I found Content Samurai.

So in this content Samurai review, I will explain what this tool is and how you can use it to leverage your video marketing projects.

Oh and it is really easy to use, (just a heads up). Keep reading.

Content Samurai is now called Vidnami you can find out more about why they have changed their name HERE.

This review is still very relevant but it is the same product just a different name with improved benefits.

I will be keep you updated on this product and let you know about any other updates or improvement.

Content Samurai Review (Is It Really That Easy To Use)

What Is Content Samurai?

Right! So what is Content Samurai? It is an online video creator software that helps you to create fast and easy professional looking videos in a matter of minutes.

It takes all the features of other video makers and combines them into one amazing online tool that every internet marketer or small businesses need.

Another great thing I found out is that you don’t even need to download or install anything on your computer.

They use an easy to use, which is fun and intuitive interface and a step by step approach.

What really got my attention was the fact that you can take you existing blog post or your pre-written scripts and turn them into professional-looking videos in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks and you do not need to have any editing experience.

This is my kind of tool. Lol

Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding of how powerful and easy Content Samurai is.

Oh before you get to the video just let me tell you a little more about this tool, in regard to why SEO is not working as well anymore and why video marketing could be the right solution to grow your online business, blog, and or website.

The Problem With SEO

There is not more annoying that spending hours, days, weeks and even months waiting for your SEO efforts to finally pay off.

Only to realise that after all that your hard work is not getting any actual results.

You realise that when you go to your Google Analytic dashboard you are only getting a few clicks here and their and nothing consistent.

Let’s face it SEO is getting harder.

  • It takes you a lot of time – you have to remain consistent and persistent for a long time.
  • It costs you money – If you hire an Internet Marketing Consultant or SEO Agency.
  • You can easily lose your hard-earned Google rankings – if you don’t go it right.
  • Your SEO work is never done – you have to be consistent and persistent with your efforts.

The problem with SEO is that Google is always changing and with each update it becomes more demanding for site to aim and remain at a high ranking position.

Simple put things have changed from how they were years ago and here is why:

  • Google is becoming more and more intelligent
  • New websites are taking longer to be indexed and ranked due to Google’s algorithm updates.
  • You cannot use as many tips and tricks like before.
  • If you attempt to use them, the changes are you will be penalised and get your online business put in the sandpit.
  • On top of all that Google is seeing a decline for the first time in history.

Why is this?

People are now spending more of their time online on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

This is why Google is now preferring user-interaction and or (user engagement in social media marketing terms) as one of their “multiple ranking factors”.

Right now you can take a look at the video below and get a better understanding of what is Content Samurai?

The Power Of Video Marketing

What Is Video Marketing?

Well video marketing is another method of content marketing, which an internet marketing technique which is used by online businesses (large or small) to create short videos about their brand, service, products, or other specific niche.

After creating the video it is them uploaded to a video sharing platform like YouTube, Vimeo and or Facebook for exposure on those social platforms.

These videos can also be hosted on their websites by embedding them on relevant website pages for additional exposure.

Video Marketing Stats (Quick version)

I want to mention that these stats are at the time of writing this review.

  • 64% of marketers say that video marketing will become a major part of their online strategies soon.
  • 69% at the time of writing this review, of consumer internet traffic.
  • 70% of marketers interviewed informed that video get them higher conversion rates that any other type of content.
  • 73% of U.S. adults are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching an online video review that explains the product and or service.
  • Video attracts 300% more traffic that any other kind of content.
  • Two times more in only 4 years in U.S. digital video ad spend is predicted in the coming future.

Oh and their is more….

  • Videos have a higher rate of share ability. Videos that are posted on Facebook are normally shared two times more that articles and or images.
  • A one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words. This it is (James McQuivey – Ph.D and VP Analyst for Forrester Research) calculations.
  • This is because it would take an insane amount of words to express the same richness of information and emotional connection with a viewer with just using plain text. So much more can be achieved from just a minute video.
  • YouTube current get one billion unique visitors every month. This is a lot more that other channels, not including Facebook.
  • That amount of traffic has already turned YouTube into the second most used search engine, Google being this first.

So with all of this just imagine the possibilities.

How to Generate Massive Traffic with Video

How Can Video Marketing Help You?

So the question is how can video marketing help You?

If you have a website, blog, small business, online business, it is vital to offer your audience easy to digest content.

This is where video content comes into play. I have already shown you how powerful video marketing is as a tool for your business.

If you combine words, images in the format of a video you can tell your story in a really creative and more importantly engaging way.

You message will be communicated in a much faster and better way that with written content alone.

Now you maybe thinking that video marketing is just not for you and it is far to complicated. You may also be thinking that it is out the understanding for many small businesses.

Well I challenge you to think again.

Because you do not need a big production team of a large budget, nor do you have to hire a professional videographer.

If you own a smartphone, tablet or webcam you are ready and good to go, because you have everything that you need to create your professional looking marketing video.

Just having a one-minute video showing your passion for your business or company can do the world of wonders.

It might even become your best customer attainment tool.

Worried About Big Competitors?

Well you don’t have to.

All you need to do is to show who you are, why your business is unique and drives you to be better that them.

Individuals are winning hands down to get public attention alongside the big players that have a larger budget.

Put yourself and your personality in the front and centre and you will get the attention and interest of people.

This is the name of the game.

Double Your Productivity & Profit Free Book

Video Marketing is the Latest Trend in Online Marketing

This is why:

  • Videos are able to express messages a lot faster and much more efficiently thank any other kind of content.
  • When I say this, I am not talking about viral videos either.
  • Videos can get you closer to your target audience and introduce your brand.

Video Marketing can bring you a lot more benefits to your small business:

  • It will help to build your brand, increasing your brands awareness and trust.
  • It will help to engage your prospective customers – People will get to know better and feel more comfortable in buying from you. Videos are naturally more engaging.
  • Videos will help to improve your websites Seo – Lower bounce rates and your visitors will spend more time on your site and this will help in getting ranked higher in Google and this will bring even more visitors.
  • It improves your email marketing campaigns – Link to or embed a video in an email to increase your open and click through rates and this can reduce your unsubscribe rates.
  • It improves your conversions – Pages that include videos gain more leads.

Right now that I have shared with you all this important information about video marketing I will get back to my Content Samurai Review.

How To Use Content Samurai

As mentioned earlier you can now create professional videos even if you have a low budget and you can’t afford a professional videographer.

The great thing is that you don’t even have to use or learn to use expensive and complicated video editing software.

Noble Samurai’s Video Tool is easy to use and only takes a few simple steps.

Login tin your video creation and click create a new video.

This is made easy because they use a step by step approach, you go the Script section, you will be able to see the other options in the left-hand side bar menu and you have the option to either write or copy and paste your video title and script.

You also have the option of choosing images from their massive picture gallery or your can add your own images. (Over 112 royalty free images available).

Dd video captured with your smartphone, camera, webcam or tablet, if you want.

Record your video’s audio on slide at a time. This is great because it gets rid of the frustration of re-recording the whole video whenever you make a mistake or what to change what you said.

  1. Add a background soundtrack
  2. Click “Generate Your Video” to conclude.
  3. When you have completed click”Download Your Video”
  4. Upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion or your computer

Content Samurai give you five options for the types of videos you could create.

  • Videos from your articles
  • Videos for your online course
  • A sales video
  • Video for social media
  • Real estate videos

After you have chosen the type of video that you want to create (I normally go for the first option) and selected one of the templates, you will need to provide a title and a script for your video.

Who Is Behind Content Samurai

Content Samurai was created by Noble Samurai, which is an Australian software company that develops cutting edge applications and innovation software to help internet marketers maximise their online marketing success.

They have also produced products such as Market Samurai which is a keyword research tool and Scarcity Samurai which is a conversion booster WordPress plugin.

Who Is Content Samurai For

Who Is Content Samurai For?

Content Samurai is the newest addition to the Nobel Samurai Portfolio and was created for all those like myself that are looking for an easy to use video creator tool for help with their video marketing purposes.

  • YouTube Channel owners
  • Video Sales Letter Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Niche Marketers
  • Facebook pager Owners
  • Social Marketers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • SEO Agencies
  • SEO experts trying to capture more traffic for Google and YouTube.


Content Samurai is a great tool to use for video marketing

There are clearly a lot advantages, here a few of them:

  • Easy to use
  • You don’t need experience to use it
  • It is compatible with many computers such as: Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • You can create your own themes, add your own logos, brand, and watermarks, include background images and different textures, personalised fonts, colours easily.
  • Make professional videos that match your brand, website and company style.
  • Intuitive and easy oriented interface
  • Quick turnaround within a few clicks your can have your video up and ready to upload to YouTube, Facebook and or your computer.
  • It is an online tool so no need to download or install software.
  • Drag and point and click quick action to make it work.
  • Free Trial Period


In spite of the Nobel Samurai team consistently trying to improve their tools as with any software tool, nothing is ever perfect.

Here are Content Samurai cons:

The price is a little on the high side for those on a low budget or just starting out. (Although their are discount offers at times and a free trial period.)

It is a fairly new tool and this means that their is a lot of growth potential. (This is more a statement that a con to be fair.)

How Much Does Content Samuria Cost?

The cost for using this video making tool is $47 per month.

This may seem a lot for those who are just starting out, but if you look at this as an investment into your online business and realise the great potential that you could gain such as, rankings, and help you’re to build your brand and audience then it is worth the investment.

At times in business it is necessary to have to put money in, in order to earn a lot more and get your investment back. I am not talking a ton of money here.

The free trial period give you time to try it out and see if it fits and the videos that you produce in that time is yours to keep.

Content Samurai 7 Day Free Trial Today

My Take On Content Samurai

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review I am very excited to do this review because I feel that this software as the potential to help many of my readers.

This is an easy to use and you don’t have to any experience in video editing to produce videos and it is quick and easy. Oh I said that already.

You can turn your content into videos so if you a blogger half your work is already done.

Using this tool will help with your website ranking and increase awareness to your website because you will gain more traffic from the videos you produce.

The biggest con that I have is the price but to be fair with all the time you will be saving and all that you will gain it is an investment that will only add to your online business and help it to grow and make more money online.

Also, being an online tool will make it very handy because you will be able to use it from anywhere and any of your devices producing a quick video and have your audience view it in minutes.

For many small businesses this video tool is much more accessible and affordable that purchasing a video editing software that may take you hours or days just to get through the instructions.

Do I Recommend Content Samurai

Yes I do recommend Content Samurai for your video marketing campaigns. It is a legitimate business and easy and quick to use.

You may have guessed that already but I thought I would just say it anyway.

You can join right here and get your FREE Cheat Sheet on how to get massive traffic with videos.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Your thoughts and comments mean a lot to me.

Have you used this tool already?

Have you heard about Content Samurai?

What do you think about it?

Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

I have shown you in my Content Samurai review, what this tool is, how you can use it for your own video marketing and what benefits it will bring to you and your online business.

Thank you for visiting

I really hope that you found this article helpful.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding this article or anything else, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

I always respond to my readers.

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