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Today there are millions of blogging websites out there and this number is growing by the day, so the question is what articles have that make you want to ready them?

Here are some tips that will help you in writing your articles so that your articles will capture your audience.

7 Tips Writing Articles That Capture Your Audience

1. It is all about YOU

Now when I say it is all about you I mean your audience. When writing your articles, make sure it is directed to the person reading it. No one really cares about what they author thinks, you want to get the job done. Try to avoid using words like (we, I or us). Instead use the word “You” this way you will keep your article personal.

2. Grammer

Keep your language casual and simple. Check you’re spelling for errors and keep your sentences short.

You don’t want to put your readers off by a sea of text with long paragraphs. Keep it simple so that you readers have a good experience with you’re content that they can understand.

3. Examples

When you are reading an article, usually you want to see some form of proof about what the author is talking about.

Example if you are writing a tutorial you should let your readers know what they are going to get out of reading you’re tutorial, So you should put this at the beginning so that they know what they are going to get, rather than your reader having to go all the way to the end to find out that it is not what they want.

4. Keep It Casual

You want you writing to be entertaining, but this I mean you don’t want your readers to get bored.

If you are writing a long article you could break it up with relevant images and or tell a story or two that is relevant to you’re content. You could even put in a joke to make it fun to read. (Unless it is a serious piece of writing).

Be Original Be You

5. Originality

Put your spin on what you write and show your personality, make it you’re own. It may be a bit of a cliché, but it works so trust me on this one and just do it. (Be Original, Be You.)

You could even tell a story about yourself. (I know I did say no I and focus on You in #1) but sometimes you can break the rules and this is just another example.

Back to College on a budget

6. Bold Words

Using bold words and headings always help. So do: lists, links and quotes. This makes it easier for you’re readers to find what they are looking for and it give a clear map of you’re content, with clear headings.

It makes it easier to read and it these articles are a lot easier to write, so this tip is perfect for both you and you’re readers.

7. Conclusion

Always have an awesome conclusion that wraps up your article nicely. You always want to see you article come together with a nice summary. This is great for some readers who want to skip everything else and skip write to the end and for those who did not should I say digest what they read.

You could summarise in your conclusion, something like this: Make you’re writing personal, short sentences, with headings keep it simple, use examples and watch you grammar, make your article you’re own work of art and have fun.

Bonus Tip

8. Bonus Tip

I know I told you I was going to write 7 tips but here is a bonus tip for you.

This is the rule of thumb when writing articles and you could use this as a reminder for yourself. It is short and sweet and to the point. I was taught this by the owner of my number one recommendation.

  • Tell your audience what you are going to write about
  • Write about what you said
  • Tell the reader what you wrote about

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