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Improving your copy writing skills is going to be a game changer because it is one of the most profitable things that you can do for your online business.

One thing that I would say up front is that you remember that you are in the business of helping people in your niche.

This means that you are going to be finding the solution to their problems.

The page that your audience are going to land on needs to speak directly to their deepest, darkest fears.

If your website visitors think that you understand their pain and that you can help them to solve their problems, they will be your forever.

Before I get started I just want to mention that I will use the terms, sales copy and copy writing but they are the same thing. These are your sales articles on your website that are promoting a product and or service.

Increase Your Income Improve Your Copy Writing Skills

Here are some tips that will supercharge your copy writing so that you will improve your conversions.

1. Know Who You Are Writing To

One of the first things that you should know is who you are writing to. Once you have got that covered you will be able to focus your sales copy to speak to them.

If your potential customer feels that you know his or her problems, they are more likely to believe in the solution that you are offering them. This is a great way to build trust.

2. Remember to Focus On What People Really Want

One of the best books that you can read on copy writing is “How To Write Copy That Sells by Ray Edwards. In this book he explains in detail the magic building blocks of the perfect sales letter. You can check out my review on this book here.

Pain Point

3. Pleasure Vs Pain

Human being are biologically programmed for 8 basic human desires which are:

  1. Survival, Life extension, enjoyment of their life
  2. Joy surrounding food and drink / the feeling of happiness
  3. Freedom from fear
  4. Companionship / sexual relationships
  5. Restful living conditions
  6. Protection of their loved ones
  7. Approval of their peers
  8. To be able to keep up with the same lifestyle like those around them

So know that we know the 8 basic human desires, we now know that people want to gain pleasure and to avoid pain.

You can now use this useful information and take advantage of it in your sales copy.

Think about the products in your niche and think which of these problems would it solve and make sure that you write examples of what it would be like to feel this pain it would make the problem more real for your potential customer and in turn make them think about their solutions to escape the pain that they are struggling with.

This will then give you a great opportunity to show them your solution by giving examples of how it would feel to solve their problem. Give them a taste of the pleasure that they would experience once they use the product and or service that you are recommending to them.

4. Use A Smart Headline. (Benefits Instead of Features)

Unfortunately many people make this major mistake in their copy writing, they use headlines that in a word are more click bait types that are nothing more that misleading to the consumer.

At first glance it may look like they are getting a lot of traffic going to their website but their conversion rate is less than impressive.

The thing is then they blame the product and or service that they are offering instead of taking a closer look at why they are getting such back results.

So be smart with your headlines.

Pay close attention to your headlines and make sure that it addresses the benefits to your audience. Don’t try to get them to click on your article to learn more. Tell them in the headline what they are going to experience when they use the product and or service. Do not make them guess.

Lead with the benefits of the product and or service that you are offering them.

Many marketers make the mistake of leading with the features of their product or services and this just leaves the target audience thinking “okay that is great but what is that going to do for me the customer?”

5. Keep It Simple

There is a difference between searching on an academic website to visiting your sales copy is that when someone is looking at an academic website they are looking for a detailed, scientific explanation, so your sales copy should not read like an academic website.

Instead, use simple words and shorter sentences. WHY? Because people are put off by having to read long complicated sentences.

Many copy writing experts would agree that the best reading level to aim for when writing your sales copy if grades 5 and 6 grade.

It is good to remember that your main goal in writing your sales copy if to get people to do something such as buy a product by using your affiliate link.

So the simpler your keep your sales copy the easier it will be for your target audience to follow your suggestions.

Following these tips when you are writing your sales copy, will make a ton of difference to how your potential customers will interact with your sales copy.

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