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So you want to know how to rank with the search engines, well I let you some well know secrets.  The only thing is that not a lot of people are willing to tell you the real deal into ranking in the search engines because then there will be more competition out there.

I believe that we can all have a piece of the pie and this is why I am sharing this, so read on.

I will say at this point that I will mainly be focusing on affiliate marketing but the same methods can be used for other forms of online business.

So What is the Real Deal with getting Ranked in the Search Engines

The real deal is that you need to brainstorming and research, which is easy to know but how do you do this exactly.

For many websites content is the business and without good content you will never have a successful online business because no one will ever see you. So for an affiliate website, it will only work if you have relevant articles about products that you promote.

At this stage I would also add that if you are starting out or thinking of becoming an affiliate marketer. Start with products you know about and like.

When choosing a product to review for your website you will need to do some brainstorming and create a product list to work with.  When picking you products put yourself into the mind-set of your potential buyer and ask yourself some questions, like what would you want to know before you buy a product?

When starting a new website for your product, choose a niche that you are interested in and you can write a good range of content about.  If you choose a niche that is too narrow then you may find it hard to branch out and add sub-topics to it, such as related products.  You need a niche that will have future potential.


Combine Formal and Informal Content

Having a combine formal and informal content you will be giving variety to your website.  This will make you website more reader friendly.  So mix it up a bit by putting some blog post such as how to content.


Check out your competitors

Look at what you competitors are doing by going over to their websites, also take a look at forums, you can then find out what they are taking about and this is really good for finding topics to writing about because then you will be targeting and ready-made audience.  I looking into forums really useful because you will find ideas that you can write solutions to on your website.


Your Own Experiences

You can write about your own experiences, this will make your content more authentic.

Find Keywords to Inspire You

There are many free keyword Tool out there for you to use.  In saying that I have found a keyword research tool that will save you a lot of time and do a lot of the work for you. It will also help you with brainstorming. You can get more information on this amazing keyword research tool by clicking here.Using this free keyword research tool will help you find keywords and keyword phrases that you can use when selecting your article heading.

You can see all the benefits of the free keyword Research tool here

You can also try The Free Keyword Tool RIGHT here



It is a good idea to check out Google to research your article topic so that you can see what is being written for that search term.



I have used all of the above recommendations and still use them today.  If you use them you will find it easier to rank in the search engines.  I have written other articles that I would suggest you read and this will enhance what you have learned here.

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if you want to learn how to write successful content CLICK HERE

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I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful.  If you have please leave me a comment, like and share, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you



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2 thoughts on “How to Rank with the Search Engines: 6 Recommendations

  1. Hi again Jennifer,

    Once again, I want to say thank you for another great piece of content. I find ranking my content is one of the hardest things to do. I find it kind of frustrating to spend hours upon hours on creating the best possible content just to see that no one reads my content because it isn’t getting ranked… I will definitely try out your tips! Hopefully, they help!

    1. Hi Los

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      I found these tips really, really helpful and follow them still today because they work.

      Many thanks


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