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Today I want to focus on 7 ways to generate a multi-stream income because as an affiliate, it is really risky for you to just focus on promoting a single product. You will need to find multiple products and or services, so that you can develop the generation of multiple streams of income.

Below I will list a few ways of how you can do it:

7 Ways To Generate Multi Stream from Affiliate Marketing

1. Sell Classified Ads

Have you ever read the classified ads in a Newspaper? Well it is much the same thing but you can sell them in your newsletter if you have one. The good thing with classified ads are that they are short, only about 3 to 5 sentences and can easily be put together with the other ads that you have in your Newsletter.

You could take a look at these classified ads to get a better idea of how this could work for you.

2. Sell Solo Ads

Another way that you could increase your profits from your newsletter is by selling solo ads.

Solo ads is a longer ad than the classified ads and they are sent individually in an email.

This is done like this because then the ad will get more attention from your readers and will gain a more effective response.

You can take a look at a review that I wrote for a solo ads platform to get an idea of how solo ads work in more detail.

3. Sell Ad Spaces On Your Website

Now if you have your own website that is attracting a good amount of visitors, you can start to sell ad spaces on your website. This can be done by wither putting your own advertisers banner ad or you could create a graphic of text in a good position on your website that promotes that you are offering this service.

You could also write a blog post about the fact that you have adverting space on your website and give information about how they could contact you.

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4. Create Multiple Websites

If you are focusing on selling online, after you have successfully built your first website it could be time to start creating another based around another product or service.

Don’t get caught up with just one product or service as trends and habits tend to change over time, so it is a good idea to keep learning and moving forward and with the right help you could build a successful website that you could just replicate for the next website.

You could learn how to do this with my number one recommendation right here.

You could also check out this video below to learn how you can build your website with a solid foundation with this step by step training. Oh and it is FREE to get started with your first website, so why not give it a try. Click the image below.


5 Pay-Per-Lead

You can earn additional commission by showing your subscribers to a website that is paying you to direct traffic in their direction. These companies could be surveys that are held by big companies such as:

  • Pepsi
  • Coca-Cola

This is a very easy thing to do and an easy way of earning commission.

6. Pay-Per-Click

Have you heard of companies such as,, Google Adsense or Yahoo publisher’s network?

After you have been approved for these services it is fairly easy to set up. After you sign up for these services and you have followed the instructions and put some code onto your website, their ads will show up where you have positioned them.

You will earn a small commission every time your visitors click on the placed ads, these soon start adding up.

7. Sell Offline Products

To be fair you really don’t have to recommend product online to your audience. There are products and services that you could recommend offline and this can grow into a really lucrative addition to your affiliate marketing business. Such as promoting memberships to a certain fitness club.

My Final Thoughts

It is just a matter of thinking out of the box and becoming more creative when it comes to developing and growing your multi-stream income.

Working from home is more and more becoming the new normal and finding ways that you can successfully do this so that you can improve your lifestyle is more about doing something different today than you did yesterday. Make a change, make a difference.

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