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Attention: Bloggers

Now you may already know that the internet has become the fastest growing medium for people to find products and services, it is handy to know ways to promote your blog and for beginners your start using this methods today.

So do you have a website that you are unhappy with its performance within the search engines and directories?

Well according to some studies that I have read, about two-thirds of online stores are working with unproductive search engines strategies, which are leaving customers frustrated and leaving the websites and going off and doing business with a competitor.

So the question is, if your customers can’t find you, then how are they going to be able to buy from you?

If your site is not appropriately optimised in accordance with widely established optimisation standards and this does not mean keyword stuffing, using spamming techniques which are more likely to get your website black-listed by the major search engines, you may as well resign yourself to low web traffic and mediocre sales numbers.

What many people don’t know is just how bad for business these conditions can be. You will be losing business due to a lack of targeted traffic.

If you are going to find success with Blogging and Internet Marketing, you will have to stay on top of the most effective trends and take full advantage of them.

I will tell you right now that the world of internet sales and search engine ranking is unbelievably competitive.

It is not enough to just simple submit your website to the search engines, you will now have to know how to make your website search engine friendly so that your content will be positioned higher in the rankings.

The thing is that you will also have to maintain this high position.

This is just to give you a little background in what is needed to help grow and develop your blog.

Now blogging can be a great deal of fun for many bloggers but for others it is a great source of income.

Whether this income is earned through, paid advertising, AdSense campaigns, Affiliate marketing or some other type of revenue generating source one of the key elements to maximising this profit is by driving greater traffic to your blog.

This is because the more visitors your blog received the more opportunities there will be for your blog to have your visitors click through your advertisements in your blog.

There are a few basic techniques that you as a blogger can rely on to promote your blog and increase your blogs traffic.

I am going to cover a few of the key concepts, such as, optimising your blog content for the search engines, participating in relevant message boards, and keeping the blog interesting to your visitors.

I have already touched on a little about optimising your blog so I will start with that.

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Beginners

1. Optimising Your Blog

Search engine optimisation is should be considered carefully because this can be very beneficial in improving your search engine rankings which will lead to increase in traffic to your blog.

Depending on how competitive your blog niche is will depend on how easy it will be to rank at the top of the search engines.

If your blog niche is a popular one then it could be more of a challenge due to have some stiff competition in ranking high in the search engines.

At this stage many blogger will turn to hiring professionals in the search engine optimisation industry to help them out in getting high rankings.

However, there are some steps that you as a blogger can take to help your boost your rankings yourself. This will only cost you your time.

Some of these steps include.

  • Researching your niche
  • Using relevant keywords naturally throughout your blog content
  • Using relevant keyword in your content title
  • META tags
  • Imagine alt tags

But please avoid using black hat optimising techniques because this will only result in your blog being penalised by the search engines.

2. Becoming Active in Message Boards and Forums

Participating in massage boards and forums that are relate to your blog niche is actually one of the simplest ways for you to drive traffic to your blog.

However, one caveat to using this method for promoting your blog content is that you avoid violating the rules of the message board or forum.

This is really important because some message boards and forums will have strict rules and regulations regarding the inclusion of links to other websites and if you fail to follow these rules and guidelines may result in you being banned.  So please follow the guidelines.

It may also cause members of the message boards and forums to think that you are spamming, and we don’t want that.

So don’t add your website address at the end of your comments.

This can all be avoided by including your website link to your profile, similar to twitter.

Another tip is to make your content informative and helpful to the other users and build up your reputation as a useful contributor and this will encourage other users to visit your blog.

3. Keeping Your Blog Helpful and Interesting

Finally and another simple way you can drive traffic to you blog is by writing content that is helpful to your readers and keep it interesting.

It is also important to update your blog often and keep it fresh.

This is because readers that are interested in your blog posts may not return back to your blog but that are more likely to share and recommend your blog to others.

This type of word of mouth advertising can be very beneficial because those who have an interest in the content of a particular blog post normally have friends who would also be interested, and once one reader recommends your blog to one or more friends, then these new visitors do the same.

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I really hope that you found 3 ways to promote your blog for beginners helpful.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding this article or anything else, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

I always respond to my readers.

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