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Anyone can write an article and you can use it to promote your website. The distribution of articles through free article directories is one way that you could promote your website.

Even if you have never written an article, there is at least one type of article that almost anyone can write.

How to Write An Article

A Top 10 or List Article

Firstly choose a topic that is relevant to your website and find a good keyword for it.

Keywords are words and or phrase that people use when they are searching the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to find your article.

If you are not sure how to do keyword research, start by asking yourself what words you would use to search for an article on your chosen topic.

Think of an aspect of your topic that can be made into a list. You are going to focus on writing an article that has titles such as:

  • Top Ten Ways (to do something)
  • Five Simple Techniques For (something)
  • Three Questions To Ask (Whoever)
  • Six Great Ideas For ….
  • Top Ten Tips For …
  • Ten Secrets About …
  • Three Steps To …

And so on.

When you get started you are going to realise that you have many options and the possibility are endless.

Now that we have that done, I can now show you a simple outline below to get you started.

Imagine the article is focused on ways that you can get free traffic for your website, and the keyword is “Free Website Traffic”.

1. Write your title for the article, using the keyword so that people searching for you article will be able to find it easily. “7 Ways To Get Free Website Traffic”.

2. Write a description of one or two sentences, so that you can tell the reader what they will get from reading your article. Such as: “How many ways could you use, to get free traffic for your website? You will learn seven of the best right here”.

3. “Sell” the article in the first paragraph, by using the keyword again: Free website traffic is only a few clicks away if you know where to look…”

4. Create a numbered list, and explain each point with a couple of sentences such as: “1. Write articles. This is perhaps the best way to get free website traffic. Write content for platforms like Medium and LinkedIn so that readers will find their way to your website by the link at the end of your written article and in your profile. 2. Exchange links with high traffic websites…”

5. End you article with a short paragraph, using your keyword one more time such as: “You can see that some of these ways that you can get free website traffic are easier than others, but why not try them all.  The real question is which will work best for your website….” This summary paragraph is not always necessary but you could test it out.

6. Create a short “About the Author” or author’s resource box. Put one link to your website in there.  Talk less about yourself than about why the reader should visit your website. You want to entice and tease: for example: “For more ways to get free website traffic, visit…” This is one of the most important part of how to write an article for your website promotion.

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