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Writing in Site content Here at Wealthy Affiliate


Writing my posts in site content is a breeze.

I love it so much I just had to share it with you.

I was writing one of my posts and it came to me that I could write about writing here. I then realised that I had taken a lot of these wonderful features for granted. So I had to work backwards to actually write this article.

I have listed some of what I use in site content because there is a lot more, but thought I would give a personal review.

Before I start I should explain what Site Content is.

What is Site Content

Site content is a writing space at Wealthy Affiliate, where you can write you articles / posts before you publish it on your word press website.

You can write your posts directly into word press but then you would not get all the additional features that site content offers, which I think comes in handy when your articles start to build up. Also, you can store articles / posts in draft mode, so you can have half finished work that is safely stored until you are ready to go back to it.

Posts Written Stored

All post that you write are stored, which I think is a really good idea because I work on more than one article at any one time. Because I am often doing research so it works for me.

Total Word Count

I love the fact that all the words I have written in counted and I can see the amount of words written on my website. This is all the articles / posts word count in one.

Single Article Word Count

Each article written is stored at mentioned earlier and with that you get to see the word count of each article and how long ago you wrote it.

Articles Published and Unpublished

Site content also displays your published article count and unpublished article count which is very helpful if you have a goal for how many articles you want to have published in a certain amount of time. This is a very good tool to keep you on tract.

Articles indexed in Google

I love this one. You get informed when you article has been found by Google and has been indexed. I love seeing the G on my articles, because this shows that I am on the right tract and Google like what I am doing. This is very encouraging.

4 Templates

There are four templates which come in handy when you first start writing content like myself because it gives you guidance and counts out a lot of time thinking how to lay out content. I still use it because like I said it cuts out a lot of time.


Ability to Create your Own Template

The ability to create your own template is a really useful tool once you get the hang of content writing. When you know how you want each article to look and feel you can put your own stamp on them with your own template.

Writing Stats and Goals

Now this comes in handy. Giving yourself writing challenges. This tool help keep me on track because you can set the dates of you goals and the amount of articles you want to write in a certain time period.

Critical Grammar And Spelling Checks

This is another handy tools.

Duplicate Content Checker

Now this is the bees knees, Your content gets checked to see if it is considered a duplicate content.

In summary

This tool within Wealthy Affiliate is a valuable tool and really helps me with my content writing because of the additional help that it gives.

Site Content on it;s own is worth joining Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a serious content writer this will be your best friend. If you are a beginner like myself, this will be your best friend.

I have written a full review on Wealthy Affiliate and you can take a look here.

You can also view a video showing you how to use Site Content Here

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6 thoughts on “Writing in Site Content Here at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. I love to use SiteContent as well. It has given me extra boost for writing articles. You’ve described the features of SiteContent very well. I think your article will give inspiration for those who hasn’t yet use it.

    1. Hi and thank you for you comment much appreciated.

      Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant place to bring your dreams into reality, and the support is second to none. For me it is the best place to be right now.

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