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First I want to congratulate your for doing your own research before committing to any VPN service.

Keep reading to find out if NordVPN is the VPN service for you.


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Who is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a service that will help your to stay secure online.

I thought that Cybersecurity was complex until I started to research it and NordVPN makes this process easy with their cutting-edge technology shield, which will help you with thing like:

  • Protecting your internet activity from hackers and malware
  • Protect you on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Even blocking you from those annoying ads.


NordVPN Review Does it really work

How Your Data Can Become Exposed

how your data can be exposed

Did you know that once you are connected to the world-wide-web, every single piece of your traffic will go through your internet service provider which is also known as your (ISP)?

This is just how the internet works.

For you to reach a website you will have to send a request to the ISP, and this request will direct you to your destination.

This means that everything that you do online will be an open book for your ISP.

There is no technology barrier that will prevent your ISP from tracking and logging all your online behaviour, such as:

  • Selling the data to advertisers
  • Handing your information over to authorities

Ethical ISP’s that protect the privacy of their clients are very few and far between and this is even if you have a trustworthy ISP, the government could order it to hand over your browsing information, your browsing history.

Now this is where using a VPN comes in

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) will route your internet traffic through what is called a VPN tunnel.

This is where it will provide an encrypted connection between your device and the destination on the world-wide-web.

That’s not all. Not only using a VPN service route your connections through a VPN tunnel it will also hide you IP address and your location.

It will be like being in a reinforced vehicle, it will take you from point A to point B in total secret and shield your from any dangers that are prowling outside.

How does NordVPN Encryption work

How a NordVPN Could Work for You

Your device whether it be:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop computer
  • Or other

When it recruits a connection to a VPN server such as NordVPN, once the device that you are using is authenticated, NordVPN will create an encrypted tunnel.

Now this bit took me a while to get my head around so I will be using the explanation from NordVPN.

“Any data sent over the internet needs to be split into packets.  So your private data is split, encapsulated and passed through the encrypted VPN tunnel. When the data arrives at the VPN server, the outer packet is removed to access the data within through decryption.

Your encrypted data looks like gibberish to any third-party observer:

Neither ISPs not Hackers can read it, even if they manage to intercept it.

No government can get logs of your browsing history since there are none.

Connected to a VPN server, you browse the internet in the cover of its IP address and location.

With every new connection, your online identity switches to a new IP address, hiding you under a new cloak of encryption.”

There you have it.

Who is NordVPN for and Who Would Benefit?

You Have Something to Hide, Even If You Think You Don’t.

You may be thinking that you do not have anything to hide and even if you think you don’t you do.

  • Medical history
  • Private conversations
  • Online Banking
  • Work Email
  • Private Email
  • Passwords and Usernames

To name a few.

You may trust some organisations and your government or even you’re ISP, but unfortunately not everybody is trustworthy and honest and you would be silly to trust every single person.

Cybercriminals exploit all kinds of vulnerabilities so that they can get your data.

So if you do nothing to protect your data, you may as well hand it to them.

Putting it simple if you are using the internet today, then you will need Protection such as the NordVPN Military-grade VPN encryption.

Military grade encryption with NordVPN

NordVPN Pricing Plan

This is some of what you will get within NordVPN service.

  • Access 5,717 servers worldwide
  • No Logs Policy
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time
  • 30 day money back guarantee

This is the pricing plan at the time when I added this image and it is in British pound but you can go over to NORDVPN to see pricing in your currency if different.

But this will give you some idea.

NordVPN price plan is nice and easy to understand.  They have given four difference options to choose from.

NordVPN Pricing Plans

Monthly Payment Plan – £9.15 each month (no savings)

1 Year Plan – £5.35 a month – £64.26 (Billed every Year) (Saving 41%)

2 Year Plan – £3.05 a month – £73.36 (Billed every 2 Years) (Saving 66%)

3 Year Plan – £2.29 a month – £82.40 (Billed every 3 Years) (Saving 75%)

Payment options are:

  • Crypto Currencies
  • AliPay
  • Credit Card
  • Amazon pay
  • Union Pay

Once payment is made you will have instant access to download their VPN Software.

What I Didn’t Like About NordVPN

I thought long and hard about this and to be fair I could not find anything that I would consider a con or didn’t like about this VPN service. But I didn’t like the fact that they didn’t accept PayPal as a payment method.

This is because I personally like using PayPal online.

What I Liked About NordVPN

I like the fact that all the subscription come with a one-size-fits-all plan which includes the following:

  • No Logging
  • Ease of the VPN Software
  • Sign up and using the app is very user-friendly
  • Kill Switch
  • Ad Blocker
  • Protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and Open VPN
  • No bandwidth restriction
  • Smart Play Technology – great for streaming
  • Torrenting – P2P Allowed
  • Live Chat Support

Do I Recommend NordVPN?

Yes I do recommend NordVPN

Yes I Recommend NordVPN


Because it is safe, secure and fast and it is packed with high quality security features and it is user-friendly and easy to get started.

NordVPN as one of the largest quantity of servers (5715) and is available in 60 countries.

The performance is fast and steady and this combined with brilliant security and the ability to block geo-restrictions.

I is also one of the more popular VPN Services out there.

So if you are looking for a solid VPN and don’t want to spend a fortune the NordVPN is the service to go for.

Here are some of the feedback that I found, so that you can see for yourself.

NordVPN Feedback


Breaking News: NordVPN Hacked


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