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In this article I will discuss how to engage on the web. It is all good and well to have a beautiful website with good quality content, but how do you keep your readers engaged to keep reading and stay longer on your website.

All these tips I have used and I am still using them today, and they work and this is why I am sharing this with you.

Below you will find examples of subtle but yet important factors to consider when adding content to your website which will help to keep your readers engaged and stay longer on your website.

Added Value

Adding value to your content by going that extra mile and will score you extra points from your readers. You can do this by offering useful knowledge and great examples. Add informational images. This will make a positive impression on your readers and make them more likely to trust your website and return to it regularly and eventually clicking on your links, which in turn will increase your revenue.


Building your credibility on your website will help to build trust with your readers and they will return more often over time, when they have further questions or want to review other products. So make sure that you information is accurate and truthful and this will not only build your credibility and authority it will result in your readers coming straight to your website with direct clicks and make your website less dependent on the ranking criteria and search engines.

This is very important and powerful.

Your Target Group

Choosing you target group is something that you should deal with in the planning state of writing you content. You should also consider at the planning stage the scope of your content and how in-depth you want your content to go.

It is important to focus on the specific interest of your target group and think of things like keywords you use. You should always re-evaluate your content from time to, time, to see which articles are popular and what things your visitors are looking at.

In taking an interest in your readers and seeing how they are engaging with your website will help you to know what you need to change if anything and what you could add to your content.

Also, taking an interest in your target group when you are writing your articles will help your website significantly in gaining success and your will eventually develop the right strategy for your website. By doing all of this your will get your website on the right tract sooner and this will be half your battle.

You can use this Free keyword Research Tool

Writing Style

When writing it is important to stay true to your own voice and not try to duplicate other writing styles. Staying true to your own voice will not only make writing your articles easier it will also increase you credibility and trust on your website and help to engage your readers because you will come across more authentic.

First Impressions

First impressions count and no matter how good your articles are if they are not structured in a user-friendly way then all you efforts will be fruitless. Make sure that you have a website that is easy to navigate around.

I would say that less is more. Keep your website simple and remember most of the trills and frills is really for your benefit and not your readers. A website that has too many colours for example takes away from the products or the article you want your readers to focus on.

As mentioned earlier I am using what I have recommended here and on my other websites, and it works and this is why I am sharing with you so that you can also have success with your articles, and website.


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I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful. If you have please leave me a comment, like and share, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you




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10 thoughts on “How to Engage on the Web: 5 Important Tips

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for this article. I really enjoyed reading it and I learned a lot from it. I always knew that engagement is very important. However, I never really knew how to increase engagement. So your article has really opened my eyes. 

    I especially liked the part where you said that we should stick to our own writing style and not try to be someone else! 

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Los

      Thank you so much for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      I love seeing you here.

      Yes I feel that we are all unique and all have something to give and writing in our own unique way is valuable not only to your target audience but to yourself.

      Many thanks for your support


  2. Thank you for these useful tips. Something that every blogger alike should keep in mind.

    Aside for the fact that writing keyword rich content is a must, it is also true that providing value to your target audience is important in writing your content as well. Specially if you are trying to monetize your blog.

    Thank you for sharing these tips and wishing you success.

    1. Hi Mina 

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      Yes finding a balance between trying to please the search engines and give value to your target audience is very important.

      But sometimes we need to think why we started the niche and for many it is to help others.

      Many Thanks


  3. A great post and a very useful list of things one should keep in mind when writing one’s blog.

    Engaging you online audience is not an easy job, but definitely something one can achieve through some training and following tips like yours here.

    Developing your own true writing style takes a bit of time, and it’s important to persist, write as much as possible. Soon, you will feel your voice emerging and the whole process of writing becoming easier.

    Keeping your paragraphs short, adding relevant images, being very useful in your advice will contribute to your reader staying and reading your article. 

    1. Hi Alenka

      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated.

      Thank you for confirming what I have written, I really appreciate that.

      My aim is that we can make the internet a more engaging space and everyone uses their own voice because after all we are all important and many people out there are just wanting to read from real people.

      Also when we write in our own style we will connect with like minded people.

      Many thanks for your support and feedback


  4. Thank you for sharing such important post. Website is the most important element to earn money online. As you said in this post, first impression can increase or decrease the value of a website and money is concerned too.  informational images, useful knowledge attract readers and come back again to get what they need and you get their trust too.

    your post is informative, keep it up.


    1. Hi Julienne

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes first impression are important and a lot of people are visual so informational images help a lot.

      Thank you for your support


  5. Great points and tips. Many factors come into play when it comes to engagement on your website. 

    In addition to the ones you have mentioned – added value, credibility, target audience, writing style and first impressions – 

    I’ve noticed these can also help with engagement: 

    Content mix – mix media to capitalize on people’s natural senses and offer them the easiest way to absorb your info in their style, e.g. text, custom images, PDFs, etc.

    Embedded videos – get people to stay on your page longer by reading your 5 min article + watching a 2 min video

    Personality – basically the point on writing style. Be a real person. People want to connect with people. Not just things and information with no emotions. Present from your point of view, own style. No one else can really compete that with that because there is no other you. 

    Regardless of what you do, the idea is to mix it up based on people’s natural senses to help them absorb your information in the way that they prefer. Hearing, seeing, feeling, etc. 

    Kim Wolfe

    1. Hi Kim

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated

      Thank you for the points that you have raised they are very helpful and I am grateful for them.

      I have also written some other articles that mention some of the points that you have raised.

      How to Build Your Own Website Free and Easy

      How to Rank with the Search Engines: 6 Recommendations

      What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool?

      How to Write a Good Product Review: 8 Valuable Tips

      Many thanks for your support and additional helpful information


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