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The dark circles under her eyes are proof that she has been striking away at the keyboard again.

Night after night she will sit there fascinated by the computer screen surfing forum after forum filling in all the blank comments sections with her opinions and comments about:

  • Meaningless issues
  • Political debates
  • Business strategies
  • Religious matters
  • Shopping options

Surfing the Internet

All the while:

  • Her children are growing up and moving away
  • Her marriage is declining
  • Her business is wavering on the edge of bankruptcy
  • Spiritual matters are being ignored

And all of this she is totally oblivious to.

Discover the Power of Blogging Put Your Writing Skills to Good Use

Then one day she just happens to find an internet forum about blogging.

She wonders “what is this blogging?”

Unexpectedly she becomes engrossed with a new mission. She just has to get to the bottom of this and find our more.

With all the time that she has spent on the internet communicating with people all over the world, and she has never ever heard of blogging.

Now she wants to learn everything there is to know about it…

Start Your Blog

Blogging is Fairly New and Used for Different Goals

Blogging is a fairly new phenomenon that is somewhat undefined due to the fact that it has not yet reached its full potential.

In this current time weblog is hovering on the edge of interactive journalism vs. personal logging and information sharing.

  • Different bloggers have many different purposes and goals.
  • Some bloggers will aim to record their personal thoughts.
  • Some bloggers will share resources and information
  • Some bloggers will tell stories.

Blogging has also been used as a tool for educating their readers, for providing customer service and communicating with readers, along with being used as a tool for self-expression.

Blogging and Google AdSense

With the introduction of the Google AdSense which is a content targeted advertising program, you can generate a passive income with your blog by getting paid per click on Google Ads, that are accessed from your blog.

But wait, this does not mean that you can started creating a blog on the understanding that you are going to get rich from the advertising payment or you will be very disappointed.

Instead look at this Advertising program as an added bonus for the time that you have invested in creating helpful and useful content for your blog.

Another way of looking at it is that you will get paid a little extra for doing something that you enjoy.

Oh and there are other types of AdSense from platforms such as Bing and Yahoo and more.

Best to start Blogging is just doing it

The Best Way to Get Started Blogging

Now the best way to get started in the wonderful world of blogging is to just do it and get your feet wet.

Decide what you want to get out of blogging and what you want to achieve through your blog.

You need to think if you want to use it as a tool to:

  • Get things off your chest?
  • Sharing your thoughts and feelings?
  • Tracking events
  • Providing information

You should also read through various blogs and then you will get some ideas for your own blog and find the purpose of your blog and also for developing your own writing style.

Find a blogging platform that you are comfortable with.

There are a few options out there for free blogs and there are some that are some very reasonable paid services, some that are for commercial and non-commercial use.

Creating Your Own Blog Website

Creating your own blog will give you more control of what you want to include in your blog and you can also decide how you want to monetise your blog.

You can create your own blog just like I have on a platform that is second to none and free to get started.

You can learn all you need to know about creating your very own blog website and how you can create content for your blog.

The great thing is that you do not have to have any previous experience to get started and you will get step by step training to help you to build a solid foundation for your blog website.

You can try it out for free and you will meet other like-minded people like myself that have also started from scratch.

Anyone can build a profitable online business from scratch using this step by step training.

In fact you can see proof of it right here on this website and how it is working for me.

You will also be able to see how it is working for others too.

It will also work for you too.

You can find out how you can get started by clicking the banner below.

You can also get started for free.

Get Started with Your Blog

Here’s the tough truth you probably already know.

If you want different results you need to do something different.

Make a definitive decision right now to get different results

Here’s what you and I know, one year from today you will certainly arrive.

The question is where?

That is your decision to make right now.

Thank you for visiting

I really hope that you found this article helpful.

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I always respond to my readers.

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Here’s to making it happen


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