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I want to start by saying that when I learned the information about making money with domain names, that I am going to share with you, I found it mind-blowing.

Today there are more people and companies that are investing in domain names, however it is evident that not all of these domain names are being used to their full income generating potential.

Domain names are investments, much in the same way as real estate.

Unfortunately many people do not realise the potential value of domain names.

I am going to list below some of the most common ways that you could create an income stream or maximise domain names value.

Making money with Domain Names

Park the Domain Name with a Parking Service

You could use a parking service.  Parking services are places that will pay a percentage of the advertise revenue that come from ads that are paced on a page display when someone visits your domain.

A long with that many of these parking services will offer a sales listing service that will help with easy resale marketing of your domain.

You Could Make Your Own Park Page

Just like the Parking Service, you could create your own small website with ads and get the whole 100% of the revenue.

This will take longer to gain the traffic and will be less profitable because parking services get a whole lot of traffic flowing through their websites.

This is not to say that it is not possible but you will have to take that into consideration when starting out.

Find a great domain for a great price at for only $9.95/yr.

Create and Develop a Small Content Rich Mini-Website

When you create a small content rich website, you will have to create relevant content and write a lot of them.  This can be done over time and you can learn more about building a website here.

You will also be adding contextual ads from places like AdSense.  These are often called AdSense Sites.

Create and Develop a Full Featured Website

When you create and develop your own full featured website you can then start selling products and services.

You can also choose to include ads and paid links to your website.

This can be achieved by either selling your own products and or services or as an affiliate for other existing websites.

You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

You may also find my number one recommendation for building your own website here.

Getting Started Online

Dynamics that Will Increase Value of Your Website

You can use any of the above stages of developing your domain website will add value.

However you can also make money by reselling the domain website for an increased value that will be way above the purchase price.

You can add value to your website:

Keywords and Brandability of the Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is important, I have written a more detailed article on choosing a domain name that will generate floods of traffic to your website. You will find it here.

But in short it is important to choose a keyword rich domain name.

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The Amount of Visitor Traffic to Your Website

This goes without saying that the more visitors to your website the income potential which will make your website more valuable.

Here is a success story of selling a website.

Multi-Stream Income from Your Website

When you start getting income from content placed on your website such as Ads, from AdSense or similar, paid links like affiliate links and or from sales from your own products, your website will become even more valuable.

All these things add up and you will be amazed at the mark up price.

When there are Demands for Similar Domain Names

When a domain name is popular this makes all similar domain name popular and this means that they will increase in value.

This is a good thing to think about when choosing a domain name because the more demand the more value. YAY., Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

Search Engine Ranking

Searching ranking is important to the value of your website for example if your website is on page 450 then, the value will be lower than if it was on the first page of the search engine which will increase the value of your website.

The Number of Other Websites Linking to Your Website

This goes back to traffic and search engine rankings.  The more website links will mean more traffic and in turn higher ranking in the search engines.

A Keen Buyer for the Domain Name

When a buyer want a domain name for a specific purpose they will pay premium to make sure that they get it.

There are Ways to Lose Money On Domains

Registered trademark name

Choosing a domain name that is too close to a trademark name can become more hassle than it is worth and if it is a high profile company they will be able to afford an expensive legal battle so a thing to think about is Can You?

Paying too much for a Domain Name

Now please don’t think that because a domain name sold for a lot of money that you can pay a lot of money for a similar domain name and reselling it for a higher price.  It don’t work like that.

Getting Scammed by Email and other Types of fraud

Unfortunately domain investors attract more than their fair share of scammers and the most common ones are getting emails that claim to be someone wishing to buy your name.

This is how it works, they will ask you to use their preferred appraisal service to confirm the offered price.

This is just to get you to pay an inflated price for this appraisal.  Keep this in mind.

You Can Save Domain Lists and Buy Up Domain Assets

You can build your very own domain portfolio which will be just as valuable as a real estate portfolio, the only difference is that they will not be making any more .com, .org or .net domains.

Using this tool you will quickly find and develop an amazing and very lucrative domains portfolio within hours.

You can start your domain name research right here.

Check out this amazing keyword research tool that I use all the time.

Get started looking into domain names with the tool below.

Instant Domain Purchases


If you are serious about getting started online and want to learn more then click below.

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