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Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the name that you give to your website.

A domain name is your website address where other internet users can find your website.

A domain name is a way of finding and identifying computers on the internet.

Computers use an IP address.  IP addresses are in the form of numbers.

Because it is difficult for people to remember a string of numbers, domain names were created and used to identify your website on the internet rather than using IP addresses.

What does a Domain Name Look Like

What Does a Domain Name Look Like?

A domain name can come in many different forms such as a combination of letters and numbers and it can also be used in a combination of various domain name extensions, by this I mean .com, .net, .org and many more.

You must register your domain name before you can start using it.  Every domain name is unique, a bit like having your very own social security number.

No two websites can have the same domain name. So when you create your domain name it will belong to you and only you.

A domain name looks like this:

My Domain name:

How much does a domain name cost

How Much does a domain Name Cost?

The cost of a domain name usually cost somewhere between $13 – $25 per year

Having your own domain name is like owning a piece of real estate and can increase in value when you start to build your website and build your business.

You will also have additional cost for your website such as:

What you will need to succeed

Here’s Where I Got My Domain Name and Website

I have built my successful online business with a reputable platform that is like a one stop shop for creating an online business.

You will get a lot more than a domain name you will also get training on how to make your website an income generator.

This platform takes the pain and frustrations of building your first website with step by step training.

Other benefits you can get with your domain name from a reputable platform and what you will need to get started successfully.

  • Websites
  • Domain security
  • Email Accounts
  • Advanced DNS automations and management
  • Beginners need support
  • Community of experts
  • Live training
  • Website hosting

Domain Names

How to get started online

Having your own domain is like having a piece of real estate…..

Getting started with a free domain and website to try it out.

You can get started with a free domain and website

How to Get Started Online, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

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