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Finding the best blog topics are an important part of a successful blog.

Some blogger choose to write about whatever is on their mind on any given day, creating an online journal of sorts.

But to become a successful blogger and a great blog however you cannot always write about what you want.

You must consider and keep in mind the interests of your readers when you are writing. After all you want your readers to come back and want to read more of what you are writing and if you want a successful blog you will be depending of your readers showing up often.

Right, so to keep your blog as fresh and interesting as possible, consider using these seven ways to find winning ideas for your blog topics.

7 Tips on Finding the Best Topics for Your Blog

1. Do Your Research On Your Blog Niche

Smart bloggers will know that each and every day there are popular search terms listed on the larger search engines and larger websites.

They would use these search terms to help them gain more traffic to their blogs.

Each day a blogger can look at these popular search terms and create posts related to them.

Over time they will increase the flow of traffic because more people will be looking for those search terms.

So by researching the topics that are hot with readers each day, and creating content related to these search terms and topics, you will be writing content specifically for readers.

You will be creating content on topics that people are looking for.

Doing your research may take a little time and you may find that you are writing about topics that you may be would not have thought about, but you will eventually start to increase you traffic.

I tend to choose a time to do my research and make a list of topics that I will write and this keeps my, to do list fresh and full.

2. Ask Around For Blogging Ideas

Now if you have been blogging for a while and are at the point where finding new topic ideas are become more and more difficult.

You may be at a point that some writer call “writer’s block” and some just see it as a small hurdle to be surpassed.

When you have come to this challenging point, one of the best things to do is to ask around.

Talk to interesting people that you know.

You can ask them what topics they find most interesting that is relevant to your blog.

You could do this more subtly by simple bouncing a few topics off to them and see which ones they respond to strongly.

You could then use this topics that they have responded to strongly to gather more ideas for your next blog post or a series of blog posts.

3. Use The News For Blog Ideas

Now the News is a great place to gather relevant topic information for your blog.

News teams will research and investigate for hours to get their topic information.

By using similar topics from the news you will be able to skip most of the hard work of researching and still have a really successful blog post.

One rule of thumb, never use the exact idea, just take then and use them to develop your own. You want what you find to inspire you to write your next blog post.

For instance, if there is a major political issue going on in the news, consider creating a post about what you think about it.

You don’t have to use the news story itself, just the topic idea along with your own words.

4. Use Advertisements for Ideas For Your Blog

You can use advertisements for ideas especially if you write product reviews.

You can see what is being advertised either:

  • On TV
  • In popular magazines

For example, and this way you will start to see a trend in popular products and or services that are relevant to your blog.

5. Follow The Lead of Others

This is a great one to use. Following the lead of other popular blogs.

Visit other great blogs and take a look and see what they are talking about.

Please don’t steal theirs but instead get inspired by their ideas to create your own.

Sometimes when you see other great blogs and see them working to their highest potential it can encourage you to reach new potential in yourself.

This way you can see which topics are getting the best response and then decide if you could get the same or similar by writing on a similar topic for your blog.

Sleep on It

6. Sleep on It

If all else fails and you are still trying to come up with a list of interesting blog topics, you can consider this interesting strategy.

Go to sleep each night with a clear head. Then in the morning just before you open your eyes, target the first thing that you think of.

Write it down as soon as you can before you forget.  You can then use this ideas to develop interesting blog topics

Surprisingly you would be shocked at how inspiring our thoughts can be first thing in the morning and this is because they are not clouded with any outside stressors of the day.

These thoughts can become very useful and can be used successfully on your blog.

7. What I Also Find Helpful

I am fortunate enough to belong to a great platform with a community that is second to none.


Because it is filled with wall to wall like-minded people.

A place where you can asked any business related questions and get answers to them.

Not only that but you can get several different opinions, which is great for questions like blog topic ideas.

These seven ways to find winning blog topics are proven to be among the best.

A blog topic is a very important aspect of your blog, so make sure that you pay attention to which topics get the best response on your blog so you will know which ones are most effective.

You can use some or all of these tips to help you on your way to creating better blog topics right away.

Creating Your Own Blog Website

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You can try it out for free and you will meet other like-minded people like myself that have also started from scratch.

Anyone can build a profitable online business from scratch using this step by step training.

In fact you can see proof of it right here on this website and how it is working for me.

You will also be able to see how it is working for others too.

It will also work for you too.

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Getting Started Online

Here’s the tough truth you probably already know.

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Make a definitive decision right now to get different results

Here’s what you and I know, one year from today you will certainly arrive.

The question is where?

That is your decision to make right now.

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