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I am going to approach the subject of how to make money in a recession from a different angle.

What I have learned and am still learning with my businesses over the years, I feel are important lessons, which I now want to share with you.

Whether you are a business owner, sales person, newbie to the business world, I think that you can benefit from these ideas.

I believe that the success of small businesses and entrepreneurs that have the drive and innovation, actually help to keep the bigger picture of the global market going.

So in saying this I will list a few very important things that will help you in developing the right mind-set to making money in a recession.

I will mainly be focusing on business start-ups and entrepreneurs.

You’re Core Values

Think back to why you wanted to start your own business? and or what made you want to become an entrepreneur? What did you want to change? Why did you want to change it?

When I started working for companies as an employee, I never really fit in. I was the person always looking at things and wanting to find ways to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Because of this I would be asked to carry out tasks at work but for no extra pay.

When I would ask for a pay rise, I would get all the excuses going. I would then get fed up and move onto the next company and guess what. Same pattern different day.

I then realised after many years that I was not employee material. I did not just get up one day and realise this, NO.

I was at a meeting with a client and the owner of the business that I was working for at that time and within the conversation a lawyer said to the business own “you have a servant, master relationship”.

To this day I cannot remember the rest of the conversation, only that they were not talking about me at the time, thank goodness. This is when everything changed for me.

I then realised that, this must be one of the reasons I change jobs so often. Because more often than not I felt cheated at work. I put the work in and was not getting the rewards. E.g. pay rises, promotions.

Also, not being able to go on holiday when I wanted to.

I felt that I had given control of my life to someone else. I felt suppressed, trapped, on a personal level.

I also felt that our clients deserved and could have got more than they were getting. This really did not work for me. I had to get back to my core values. The things that really mattered to me.

I would say that it is imperative that you remember to stick to your core values. If you value loyalty, honesty, integrity, then these values you will pass onto your clients/customers.

These are important to stick with your values and apply to you everyday life. It will carry you far in your business, when you have good days and not so good days, it will be your strengthen, because this will be part of your why and will be your drive towards your success. Your clients / customers will see this in you.

Become innovative; (Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel)

Being innovative will keep your business growing because you will always be coming up with new ideas and methods and prepared to change things when needed. This will keep you ahead of your competition.

This was one of the challenges that I had when I was employed. I would always have ideas of ways to make things operate easier. I would always be shut down in conversation because the mangers did not want change.

I was always thinking out of the box and seeing things differently from others, but I never understood why until much later.

This reminds me. I once had a manger that stole my idea and delivered it in a meeting that we were both attending. I felt upset but let him speak. At the end of his half-baked presentation, I asked him, in the meeting. How he came up with the idea, what inspired him? Well he did not have answer and later the CEO asked me if it was my idea. I said yes. But this went nowhere because he still got the credit and I still got my pay freeze.

Being innovative does not mean that you will be re-inventing the wheel. If you are doing something or have an idea that is working well, then you are good to go. No need to waste your time trying to fix it. Instead work on the area that you now need improving. Like reaching, you target goals.

Find successful people in your niche and see what they are doing. Being innovative does not mean that you have to come up with new ideas all the time. Find and listen to others that you can learn from.

Do not be afraid to try new things, because you will never now unless you try.

Develop a Customer Service Plan

Your customers/Clients are always right, they make your business, your business.

So develop and customer service plan. It does not have to be pages long, you just need a must do list.

For example, follow up, emailing, keeping them informed. Thank you.

These may seem simple but they are very important. Thank you goes a long way and could make the difference in the customer becoming a return customer. Showing that you care about them does not have to take a lot of your time, if it is set up properly.

Remember this; Your Customers are your business.

People are Your Business

Your mind-set

This is important because if you do not have the right mind-set it will be harder for you to succeed.

Your will need a Millionaire-mind-set and now that you can do this.

Because at the end of the day, recession or not recession it is up to you.

So How Do I Make Money?

Okay you have got this far, and this shows me that you are serious about getting into business but want to now now how.

What if you think that you are not in a financial position to start a business, then what.

I hear a lot of questions that want answers to. So I will do my best.


How do I become wealthy with no money?

How do I get rich with little money?

Becoming an entrepreneur with no money

How do I become and entrepreneur with no money?

And the list goes on.

Well it depends. How much time are you prepared to work at it?

Are you prepared to learn?


If the answers are yes then I have a couple of reviews for you to check out and see for yourself.

Your can be your own boss but you do not have to do it alone.

If you are a newbie this link is for you. Click here to find out more. The next step is yours.

If you want to add something fresh to your business then you have a choice you can click here or the first link. The choice is yours.

I would say this the first link will open many doors for your business and you have the potential of earning billions and billions, whilst the second line will open doors and have the potential of earning millions and millions.

This is very real. I can show you right where you are how real it is, with two questions.

How many millionaires are you wearing right now?

How many millionaires do you have around you in the space you’re in right now?

Look around, from your socks, footwear, tops, lampshades, light bulbs, TV, mobile phone, pots and pans, cooker, eye glasses. Your get the picture. So why not you.

Thank you for visiting Smart Laptop Lifestyle

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below.  Also I would really appreciate your liking and sharing this post.

Many thanks



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4 thoughts on “How to Make Money in a Recession

  1. Hey Jen, nice post. I never tire of reading about WA and all of the good the community is doing for people who are looking for a full time income. There are so many charlatans out here who are claiming that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam but it is far from it. I love how descriptive you were in your descriptions of the site. Great job!

    1. Hi R.J.

      Thank you for your visit and comment, much appreciated

      Yes those that say these things have never tried it so really do not know what they are talking about.

      There are far too many successful people at Wealthy Affiliate and the numbers are growing by the day and I am living proof because you are reading this article that is indexed in google and ranked.

      Thank you for your support also.


  2. This is interesting. I have never experienced people stealing my ideas, however, I too resigned from am employer that did not pay me as I know I deserve to be paid. But again, there really is nothing we can do except leave when we are not happy about the working environment.  I am glad that you have found Wealthy Affiliate to help you become your own boss in the business field. Great article.

    1. Hi CircleUB

      Thank you for your visit and comment much appreciated.

      Yes as I was writing I remembered that experience and thought I would share it.  You are right you can always leave a job and get another one but sometimes this is not a reasonable option for many.

      I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate because now I feel free in more way than on.

      Many thanks


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