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Blogging is a great way to express yourself in words and as we all know it has become an outlet that allows many people to unleash, unwind and express the things that can go around an individual’s minds and share it with the world for everyone to see.

Whilst not many people would not appreciate it this activity but at the same time many that take part in blogging can learn to expand their knowledge and entertain new insights that are found in current events, personal experiences and personal interactions.

Most people today may consider reading blogs as a waste of time but in saying that many are surprised at how informative reading blogs can be and at how an individual are able to express their joys or grief from their everyday activities and experiences.

Blogging can be a very therapeutic form of rehabilitation.  It allows a way to release tensions, stress and a way to get things of their shoulders.

Blogging has been limited to people that are familiar with the internet and most of these people are the yuppies of tomorrow.

Some professionals around the world have taken blogging up with two things in mind:

For personal fame


For making another source of income (Fortune).

Many have claimed that people are earning millions by blogging daily alone.

Whilst some people are blogging just so that they can gain more internet exposure that they long for.

By looking to gain more internet exposure that they fail to achieve in the competitive world of journalism and article writing today.

It is not hard to see which blogs are authentic and want to spread information to help others and become a source of information for the future.

This is valued content and this is why many people would say that “Content is King”.

Blogging to Purely make Money Online

Blogging to Purely Make Money Online

If you are just writing content for the sake of making money online and placing keywords in a particular article, then the writer or blogger may as well be given negative attention because this will be of no help to anyone searching the world-wide-web for quality written content and or blogs.

This give article and content writing a bad name and it also robs the people who really work at pouring their heart and minds into sharing their real opinions.

Blogging should not be treated as a way to just make money online but instead it should be about an individual’s personal viewpoint, something is different from others.

Blogging Today

I can say that this is a rarity today because many bloggers want to attract people to visit their blog websites and raise their website profile and presence to gain better search engine rankings with search engines such as; Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Blogging for Fame Itself

Blogging for Fame Itself

Now blogging for fame itself for people who love to read what an individual writes is not than enough to give recognition to the author.

Quality of content should never be lost for the sake of keyword density as some would say.

It is quite easy to spot a poorly written article.

They are the articles that constantly repeating keywords and most of the article is out of sync and not topic related in other words the article makes no real sense. These types of content are just a waist of your valuable time.

What do you thing?

Getting Started Online

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