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Attention: Affiliate Marketers

“How Much Value Can You Gain from an Affiliate Marketing Training Program?”

Affilorama is one of the biggest affiliate marketing training programs in the market. You may be wondering if it is the right one for you? if it is a scam or legit?

In this review I will show you:

  1. What is Affilorama?
  2. How Does Affilorama Work?
  3. Who is Affilorama For?
  4. Is Affilorama a Scam or Legit?
  5. My Conclusions
  6. What I Like about Affilorama
  7. What I Don’t Like about Affilorama
  8. My Recommendation

What is Affilorama?

Product name: Affilorama

Price for Affilorama membership: Free

Price: $1 then $67.00 per month

Other Costs: $97, $997

Owner/s: Mark Ling and Co-founder and CEO Simon Slade

Guarantees:  YES

Recommend:  YES

About Affilorama

Affilorama was founded in 2006 by Mark Ling and Co-founder and CEO Simon Slade. Their head office is based in New Zealand.

Mark Ling is an expert in affiliate marketing and used his experience as an affiliate and affiliate program manager to create Affilorama’s first step by step video lessons.

Since its launch Affilorama has grown its membership to over 300,000 people worldwide.

Affilorama’s goal is to minimise the potential hurdles for aspiring affiliates and help them to start seeing success from their affiliate business sooner.

This is done through their step by step training, and tools to help to simplify the technical demands of building an affiliate business. And to also minimise the barriers of entry and make it easier to get started regardless of skill or experience.

“In a nutshell Affilorama is a membership site that is designed to teach you affiliate marketing.”

#1 Recommendation

I want to start from the offset and let you know that Affilorama is an honest site that provides good training that is mostly legit information.

It provides much more value than most of the internet marketing products that I have seen online and their basic membership is free.

I must also mention at this point, that although their basic membership is free, when you start to buy their packages it can start to become pretty expensive, especially if you buy everything that they have to offer.

Also I have to consider that although they have a large community it is not very active.

A long with their support system which is not as good when I compare it to my number one recommendation.

One good thing is that you can check it out for yourself before making a decision because their membership is free to join.

Then you can take a look inside the member’s area and see if this is the right product for you.


But Before You Buy

Before you buy anything from Affilorama you need to understand how it structured.  Over the years it has gone through a number of changes and many of the older reviews done on Affilorama will not reflect these changes.

I found the set up a little confusing to find my way around it.  This is because they have divided the features into different packages.

This makes it’s a little difficult to know which package we really need to buy to get started in making money online.

In this review I am going to attempt to break this down for you, so that it will be easier to understand.

How Does Affilorama Work?

Affilorama Free Membership

Affilorama’s free membership will allow you access to some:

  • Training Videos
  • Member’s forum
  • Affilorama’s blog

These are features that are updated regularly and there is a load of information there.

Other Packages You Can Buy

  • The other packages that are available for purchase.
  • One of them is basically the “DIY” version, which will cost you $197. (not sure if this still exists)
  • The “DIY” version is not really DIY because you will have the help of training and the community.  But it is NOT a “done for you”, which you will get with the upgraded versions that come it at the cost of $997.

Affilorama Packages

Affilorama Premium Membership

Premium membership will cost $67 per month, I think that this is the main feature of this platform.

You will get and 7 day trial period for the premium membership which will cost you $1.

Pathway Guide

Affilorama Pathway Guide

Affilorama Pathway Guide Price


The Affilojetpack are pre-made niche websites with:

  1. Content included
  2. Email swipes
  3. Ready-made material
  4. This will cost you $997.

Affilorama JetPack

Affilorama JetPack

Affilorama JetPack

Affilorama Jetpack


The AffiloTools is a one stop shop, which will track things such as:

  1. Competitors
  2. Keywords

And a few other things that are included with your free membership.

Right, so there are three levels of membership.  You will have to join the Free membership so that you will have access to some of the features and this membership will remain free.

You then get to upgrade to the premium membership with the cost of $1 for the first 7 days as a trail period and then will increase to $67 per month thereafter.

Affilorama AffiloTools

Affilorama AfiloTools

Affilorama Free Membership

Who is Affilorama For?

Affilorama is for anyone that wants to start an affiliate marketing business online.

The training is geared to newbies that want to get started in developing an online presence

Affilorama who is it for

#1 Recommendation

Is Affilorama a Scam or Legit?

Product name: Affilorama

Price for Affilorama membership: Free

Price: $1 then $67.00 per month

Other Costs: $97, $997

Owner/s: Mark Ling and Co-founder and CEO Simon Slade

Guarantees:  YES

Recommend:  YES

I think that this is a legit affiliate program, however I do have some criticisms about this product, which I will get into further on in my review.

Mark Ling has presented everything for you to see before you join and this sets him apart from many other affiliate programs and experts out there.

Mark Ling has a good reputation and his products have been around since 2006.

Most other affiliate products don’t even last a year in this industry.

Affilorama Testimonials

Affilorama Testimonials

What I Like about Affilorama

I like the fact that Mark Ling has a good reputation in this industry and that he has been around for many years.

As I mentioned earlier I do have some criticisms about this program which I will get into later in this review.

I do think that Affilorama is built on a solid foundation, because it has stood the test of time. Many don’t even last a year.

This site is member focused and this includes a somewhat-active forum, and they are constantly changing over time, instead of having a standard static PDF or video series that can get stale over time.

I like the way that they produce their video series that come with scripts that you can download for each of their videos.  The reason why I like this is because not everyone has good internet connections and being able to download the scripts, make it more user friendly and convenient.

I Like What You Get with the Free Membership

The free membership is always a winner and there is quite a lot of information available with the free membership.

Affilorama Free Lessons

I Like What You Get with the Premium Membership

If you go with the Blueprint or Jetpack you will get 1 year website hosting for 1 website.

That is worth at $100 and this is depending on the quality of the hosting you get.

You will also get their “AffiloTheme” (Premium Theme). A premium theme could cost your between $20 and $100, so I consider that good value.

I also like the fact that they clearly show their Guarantee.

Affilorama Guarantee

What I Don’t Like about Affilorama

Now for what I don’t like about Affilorama. In the free membership there is a lot of good training.  But in saying that there are also some things that I found a little concerning.

In the section of how to build a website their information was about how to use Adobe Dreamweaver and creating content using HTML.  Now for someone like me that would scare me away in a flash.

This is because there are much easier ways to build a website today and the easiest is to use WordPress.

In my number one recommendation they will show you how to build a WordPress website in about 30 minutes.  You will find the link below.

Considering that you can choose from over 10,000 different WordPress themes, including the premium ones that come with all the fancy features and the ability to customise to suit with a load of plugins.

I find it hard to believe that Affilorama would still be using something like Dreamweaver.

Also WordPress is search engine friendly, user friendly, mobile friendly and highly customisable.

I Don’t Like Affilorama’s Low Membership Activity

Membership activity is the main part of any membership site and the lack of this is concerning to me because as a newbie you are going to need a lot of help in the beginning.

Being able to ask questions and get them answered in a reasonable length of time is a must in the being because newbies, if like myself want to get going and get started as quickly as possible. Also newbies may have a lot of questions that they need answered in order to move forward.

Affilorama does have some activity and some moderators to answer questions, but by looking into the community, I noticed that the activity was low.

I want to stress at this time that this is just my own observation.  I am also comparing it to the platform that I am currently using which is a live 24/7 with activity. Questions are answered instantly no matter what time of the day.

Unfortunately Affilorama does not have this number of active members to make this happen.

The other things that I don’t like about Affilorama is:

Copied Content

Copied content is a really bad idea on many levels and the problem with this training is that this is a very lazy way to build a website and wrong on many levels, one being that search engines are looking for original and unique content, so this will be much harder to get seen in the search engines.

Another is that it will come up as plagiarism which is a BIG NO NO.

This would come up as a red flag on many Affilorama reviews, PLR content and back linking strategies.

PLR content meaning Private Label Rights. Which is content that you can take from a source which is labelled as PLR and then you can change it up a bit to your liking and then use it as you own.

It may sound like a nice and easy way to create an online business, and many people may way to avoid doing the work of creating helpful, interesting, unique content and take the easy route and just copy it from other places.

There may be legit ways in which you could copy content but this will rarely result in a long term, legitimate business.

Now the problem with using PLR material is that many other people will have access to the same content as you. Another issue is that these type of content are normally written in a much generalised way that is either helpful or interesting to your readers.

On top of all that you will have content that will be very hard to rank.

It is also not a very good way to learn your niche and learn how to develop your own way of writing and many of these content are easy to see through and don’t offer any form of value to your readers.

Let me put it this way.  Would you rather read content that is interesting, specific and insightful? Or would you want to read something that looks like it was just put together and is much generalised?

Another way of copying content that to be honest I didn’t even know about until do the research for this article is by curating content, which is when you take another author’s work, (who gain you access) and provide back links to the original source.

You can see this as you will become an “authority” on a topic by collect legitimate information on that topic.

The problem with using this method is that if you copy the whole article, there will be very little change of you getting ranked in Google for the article.

Now here is the point that I am making, and that is that if you are not ranked for using this method, you will gain not traffic to your website.

But if you copy a small portion of the article and add your own commentary (as curation should be done).  You will still have to create unique content.

The training at Affilorama makes it sound a little too easy but in fact this will make you job as an online marketer much more difficult.

You may as well create your own unique content in the first place.

Now! Back Linking

I have seen many discussions, articles and training on back linking strategies, which I find really strange because Google is very strict on this subject and they stress this in their Terms of Service (TSO) and doing this will get you into trouble.

So I would not recommend using back linking to attempt to build your online traffic, because put simply it is not worth it and would do more harm than good.

Back linking is not necessary to build traffic to your website and there are many websites include my very own that you are on right now that do not use any back linking and are still getting traffic.  So this is proof that back links are not needed to grow traffic.

It may take a little longer but it also lasts a lot longer too.

So I would not recommend back linking.  I have said this before but really want to make sure that I drum this point home. Besides the training that Affilorama has on back linking looks pretty old.

Extra Fees

What you get in the many packages that are being offered is really good. But there are some other things that you should consider.

For whatever you buy, you will need to pay an additional fee for an autoresponder, which is another $20 plus per month.

You hosting fee will come into play after you first year of membership.

My Verdict on Affilorama

Product name: Affilorama

Price for Affilorama membership: Free

Price: $1 then $67.00 per month

Other Costs: $97, $997

Owner/s: Mark Ling and Co-founder and CEO Simon Slade

Guarantees:  YES

Recommend:  YES

Yes I would recommend Affiliorama as a free membership and would say to you to take a look around and get a feel for the website and check out the training of offer with the free membership.

The packages that they offer a fairly priced.

I would also like add at this point that this is not my number on recommendation.

Also to be honest I found the pricing a little confusing, but may be that is just me.

#1 Recommendation

Use My Proven Method Instead: My No. 1 Recommendation

This is a proven method but making money online is not easy, like anything else you will have to put in the hard work before you start seeing the results.

But this is a much better way of Learning how to make money online….

If you are looking to make money fast online and are looking for a “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme” then you will be a long time looking.

You see a lot of internet marketing products will lure you into this “easy” money and the thought that you don’t have to work hard to make money online.

However if you are someone that is looking for a lifestyle change and willing to put in the hard work, then affiliate marketing is definitely something that you should look into to.

Because with that hard work mind-set you are ready to start building your passive income stream online.

If you want to earn the BIG BUCKS online then you are going to have to put the hard work in to get it.

All of the successful online influencers have put in the hard work and have been doing so for a while.

I have been putting in the hard work myself and working hard to build this website that you are on, and now I can make a living online with my website.

My website gets traffic on its own and I am glad to say that it is self-generating, but that is because I have learned how to make my website do this.

You can also learn how to do this as well with the platform that I am using and you can find out all the details on how it works right here in my Review/product guide.

On this platform you will learn how you can build your very own income generating online business and see how this business model works and you will also see where you can get started for free.

The great thing is that you will learn how to build your business from the ground up with a solid foundation.

You can also build your very first website in under 30 minutes and see how easy it is to get started.

Another great point is that you will have all the help that you need to stay on the right path to success.

I will also offer my personal help to you if and when you need it, but you will also a community of like-minded people along with the owners themselves.

You will have all you need to become successful along with your hard work and putting in the time so do so, therefore, there’s no time to waist.

Anyone can build a profitable website using step by step training given in my product review.

I will have shown you how it works for me and you can see for yourself how it is working for me on this website. You will also see how it is working for others too in my review.

You know that you can get started for FREE.

And you won’t be alone, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way and walk you through the process.

I will personally coach you through the process and you will be able to contact me at any stage when and if you need any help.

By hand holding I mean that I will show you the process and lead you to the step by step training that is helping thousands of ordinary people like me and you to build successful online businesses.

I will also help you through every step of the way from building your very first website to generating organic traffic.

You can get started free but first take see all the other benefits you will gain by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting Affilorama review

I really hope that you found this helpful.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Affilorama or anything else, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

I always respond to my readers.

Here’s to making it happen


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