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Frustrated can't get focused

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Are you frustrated because you know that you could be doing a lot better in certain areas of you life?

Wondered why for some reason you just can’t do better?

Are you angry with yourself because you know that you are not reaching you potential?

Time is just passing by and you find yourself just going round in circles.

Do you have a vision for you life? But not sure how to get there?

If any of these questions are ringing bells for you then read on. This article is going to be short and straight to the point because it is more about you taking action and getting started on your journey.

So how are you going to get there from here?

What you need to do is to FOCUS and stay focused until you get there.

Tip One

You need to identify what is important to you

When you have identified the things that are important to you, you will need to find out what you need to do to make it happen.

Have you ever experienced that is it can be easy to know what you need to do next to start the process but still hard to get it done. It is important to know that one of the biggest enemy of keeping focused and staying motivated is procrastination.

How I get around this is to do a little every day. It is a little like practice makes better the more you focus on a little every day eventually you focus time will expand.

Tip Two

Do You Focus On Your Weakness?

At times, it is far easier to focus on what you can’t do and you weakness than you strength.

That little voice inside you head that keeps telling you that you can’t do it.

It is important to focus on you strengths and the things that you can do now, because to focus on you weaknesses will only sabotage you progress.

Tip Three

Have You Ever Put Off Doing The Important Things?

This is why it is important to keep you goals written down and a, ‘to do list’ of all the things that you need to get done.

Now I mentioned writing a ‘to do list’ but you have to remember to follow you to do list and make sure that you get things done.

If you have anything left at the end of the day then you add it to the next days to do list.

I find it really helpful to complete my, ‘to do list’ the night before.

Having a ‘to do list’ will help keep you motivated as you tick off what you have completed.

NOTE: Your ‘to do list’ does not have to be a long list.

Tip Four

Do You Find Yourself talking Yourself Out Of doing Things?

Negative talk will sabotage you progress.

This is where Affirmations come into play.

Affirmations will help to keep you focused and you motivations levels up.

Keep you affirmations close to you until you remember them.

Whenever you hear that little voice telling you that you can’t do something then repeat you affirmation and the little voice will soon disappear. Affirmations are a really good way to alter you mood and help to keep you calm.



Remember, that you are the boss of you. You can do anything that you put you focus on.

I hope that this article has helped you.

I would love to hear you comments and would really appreciate you liking and sharing this article.

Thank you for reading


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