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Attention: Affiliate Marketers

“Is Viral Cash App Yet Another Scam or Is It Really a Money Making Machine”

Hello and welcome to my Viral Cash App Review

Sometimes we get so many seemingly amazing offers, that it is hard to see the woods for the trees.

The chances are that this opportunity was recommended to you.

Wouldn’t be really brilliant if you could make a ton of money by just sharing videos?

Viral Cash Application


You have come to the right place to find out if Viral Cash App is a scam or a legitimate program that you can trust.

I have looked closely at this program and have seem many red flags and found a lot of misleading points that I will share with you so keep reading.

To be honest with you I can see a lot of areas where it is hard to see how the program of Matthew Near can actually work.

But a word of warning before I get into this review and that is that there are a lot of, for want of a better word unethical affiliate marketers out there that promoting this product just to make money.

So in a word. Don’t trust anyone that is reviewing this product and highly recommend it or giving it a 5 star rating.

These reviews are just try to sell you a pitch.

A little word about the creator, Matthew Neer, who is a well-known internet marketer.

Are his products any good?

His he just re-branding his old products?

His he just putting a new spin on an older product?

Right let’s get into this review

Here are the section to my review:

  1. What Is Viral Cash App?
  2. How Does Viral Cash Really Work?
  3. Is Viral Cash App A Scam?
  4. Use A Proven Method instead


Top Recommendation

What Is Viral Cash App?

Viral Cash App


Product Name: Viral Cash App 

Product: Online Software

Price: $47.00

Owner/s: Matthew Neer

Guarantees:  YES

Recommend: NO

The Viral Cash App is the latest creation of Matthew Neer.

It is supposed to help you build a website with a ton of viral videos on it that can be shared and hopefully will attract your own personal viral traffic from other people, that are going to share your website that has all these viral videos on it.

Viral Cash App Traffic

Matthew talks a good talk in explaining how there are tons of videos that people like to share on social media and you can use this method to make you millions online.

He goes on to say that there are people who create these viral videos are making 7 figures, but they had to do all the hard work in creating these videos.

But you don’t have to because this app will help you to collect all those viral videos on your very own website, which people will share instead.

The Viral Cash App also monetizes your web page with ads as well so that when you get all this viral traffic you will make money from it

.Viral Cash Displays Ads


Well if it works like that, then Bingo, you’re in.

But if people share your website with all this content on it, that they want to watch, how is this going to help you?

For so many reasons it will be hard for you to make the kind of money that the creators of these videos are making but I will get more into that in the next section.

Viral Cash Requiremt 1

Viral Cash Requiremt 2

Viral Cash Requiremt 3

Matthew makes it very easy to qualify to use his app, the requirement is that you have basic computer skills, watch and share videos online and make 10 posts with his Viral Cash App.

However, there is so much more to it than that to actually make money online.

Right in a nut shell

Viral Cash App is a software with video training that helps people make money online by sharing viral videos.

Sounds pretty unique and a little suspect. Right?

How is Viral Cash App Supposed to Work?

Matthew mentions that whenever you log onto FaceBook or YouTube to watch a funny, weird and or hilarious video, YouTube and FaceBook get paid. (is that even correct? We will see).

So since we are the ones watching and sharing these videos daily, who not be one of those who are getting paid when these videos are being watched and shared?

This is where Matthew says that his Viral Cash App comes in, so that you can get paid by all those displayed ads you are going to have on your website.

He says that all you have to do is to follow these 5 steps:

Viral Cash App 5 Steps

  1. Login to the software
  2. Choose the category you want to focus on
  3. Pick a keyword
  4. Add monetisation methods
  5. Click “You’re Done”

And then Matthew says that the software will help you “build a website” and the viral videos that you have chosen.  You can then start to share it on social media.

ACCORDING TO MATTHEW:  Whenever someone sees your post that you shared on social media, they will then watch and share it, and You get paid. (Okay).

Let’s Look At What Matthew Promises You.

He said that Viral Cash App is NOT:

  • BitCoin or Cryto
  • Paid Advertising
  • Paid Surveys
  • SEO or Google
  • E-Commerce or Shopify
  • MLM or Pyramids

He also said that you can tap into the $70 Billion pie unlimited and “self-generating” free traffic source with just this Viral Cash App Software.

Viral Cash App $70 Billion

Now if you read this carefully, you must see that there is something wrong with this.  If you don’t then, read it again and if you still don’t then sorry to say there is something wrong with you. LOL.

Joking apart, there are tons of red flags in what he is saying.

Let’s Look A Little Closer

How Does Viral Cash App REALLY Work?

Whenever you watch a video on YouTube or Facebook they get paid according to Matthew, but it doesn’t actually work like that.

YouTube and Facebook get paid because of advertising.  Advertisers want to place Ads on their platform.

Advertisers pay to use these platforms to advertise, this is why you see Ads on these platforms.  They are using the audience that these platform have to put their Ads in front of.

That’s how YouTube and Facebook and even Google make most of their money.

I would also like to add that this has nothing to do with you if you want to get paid.

There are 2 ways for you to make money by sharing videos and they are DISPLAYED ADS and AFFILIATE MAKETING.

The funny things what Matthew tries to do in his step 4. With this software.  You can insert your very own affiliate links and display Ads to the videos that are sharing. So when people watch your videos and buy anything through your link, you get paid.

The same goes for when anyone clicks on a display Ads link, you will get paid.

This is why there are so many flaws with this system, also it is not that easy to make money online.

Another thing.

Without Traffic, You Will Have No Business

In order for you to have customers, you will need visitors (traffic).

There are two ways in which you can get traffic and that is FREE TRAFFIC and PAID TRAFFIC.

Matthew really put his foot in it.  Because he said that he is not using any paid traffic methods and that you can get as much free traffic as you want.  So let’s see how you get FREE traffic.

The best form of Free traffic is organic traffic from search engines.  This is the methods that I use so I know a thing or two about it.

Oh let me mention before I forget.

A little something about search engines and organic traffic.

Search engines like fresh unique new content.

Do you see the problem here?

With Viral Cash App because all you will be doing is sharing other people’s videos, there will be no unique fresh and new content on your website, so getting ranked in the search engines is going to be a challenge to say the least. So there will be no search engine optimisation going on.

This only leaves traffic from social media.  The problem with this is that you can only really get massive amounts of targeted traffic if you are will to pay for Ads.

Ads cost money and using them regularly, which you will have to, to get anywhere near good results is going to be very costly, we are talking hundreds and or thousands of dollars.

On the other hand if you are just sharing on your Facebook posts, the main people that will be seeing them will be your friends and family.  Another problem because where is all this money coming from so that you can get paid.

Viral Cash App Has Extremely Low earning Potential

Now displayed Ads is going to be the main strategy to monetise the videos that you will be sharing.

How does displayed Ads work?

Google Adsense is one way to incorporate Ads into your video Website.  It works like this you join Google Adsense and whenever you get a visit to you website and someone clicks on any of the Ads, you get a small piece of the pie.

Google Adsense is one of the more popular methods that is used commonly by YouTubers, Bloggers and affiliate marketers to monetise their content.

If you are familiar with Adsense , you know that there are 2 main issues.

  1. It is hard to get approved
  2. You will be earning CENTS.

So in order to start to use AdSense, you are going to have to get approved first.  Google will need to verify that you are producing original and quality content.

If all you are doing is sharing other people’s videos, then I highly doubt that you will even get approved by Google.

The same can be said for most of the other display Ads platforms.

The other thing is that even if you did get approved or you already have an account with Google AdSense.  You will only be earning a few cents per click.

Just imagine how much traffic you will need in order to create a decent income online.  How long will it take you to turn those cents into hundreds and thousands of dollars?

Are you starting to get the picture of how Viral Cash App will be a slow mover in terms of making real money online?

Viral Cash App: Affiliate Marketing The Wrong Way

Right apart from displayed Ads through Google AdSense another way that Matthews want you to make money, is through affiliate marketing.

He wants you to use Amazon Associates and ClickBank, which are to 2 main affiliate marketing platforms.

He is basically teaching you how to add affiliate links into your video descriptions in order to make money.

Now this is wrong on so many levels.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for a while now and I can tell you that this is not going to work.  Not long term anyway.

In affiliate marketing, the tools that you are going to need is a website and or a sales funnel.

You are also going to need relevant content and add value to your content for your target audience so that your visitors will want to buy from you naturally.

The days are gone, if they were ever here that you could make a ton of cash just by sharing funny videos.

Let alone trying to make money by sharing other people’s videos and are not even relevant to want you are promoting. No Stop Dreaming my friend, it isn’t gonna happen.

Another point I want to mention is that the original creators of these videos did not start earning 6 and 7 figure incomes overnight.  It can take months or even years to get to that level of earnings.

They have done this by building an audience of followers and subscribers and they have had to work really hard at it by putting out weekly or even daily videos one after another of a period of time.

Many of them also have sponsorship deals that bring them in a lot of money.

You may have even see some of them on TV being interviewed. Trust me that interview was most like getting them paid.

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t think that you will get much traffic with this system because it takes a lot of work to get to that level with your own content let alone something that looks nothing more than duplicate content.

Another thing is that you will have to do a lot of sharing on social media and the way that Facebook is going this could get you banned if you are not careful.

You will also be competing with the original content creators that are already established.

Viral Cash App Sales Funnel Revealed

I mentioned earlier that Matthew is an experienced internet marketer and by looking at his work I think that it is safe to say that he is good at trying to get as much money from your pocket by using multiple upsells and down sells.

I will show you how his sales funnel works.  Take a look:

Viral Cash App Sales Funnel

So you can see for yourself.  Viral Cash App costs $47.00 upfront.  However, if you try to leave the main sales page, you will immediately see a pop-up telling you there’s a special one-time offer of $24.95.

This is called a down sell.

That’s not it though….

When you are exiting this down sell page you will get another offer of $9.99.

Now to the Upsells….

After the initial offer, there are upsells of $149, $97 and $197.

If you happen to purchase all these upsells, you would have spent a grand total of more than $500.00 for this unrealistic product.

Pros and Cons of Viral Cash App

The good news

  1. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I really wanted to be fair to this product but oh well, I much prefer to be fair and honest with you.

The only good thing that I could find with Viral Cash App is that they offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Viral Cash App Guarantee

This is great because after all this you still want to give it a go you know that you can get you money back within the 60 day period if it doesn’t work out for you.

The Bad News

The Viral Cash App is Extremely Hyped Up

I must first say that the video and sales pitch is brilliantly done.

But the hype is a little obvious when Matthew starts throwing in all the promises.

I have included some of them in the screen shots below.

Viral Cash App does it for you

Really! are you sure? I Think not.

Viral Cash App No SEO

No SEO or Google. I Don’t think so. Where is the traffic coming from?

Viral Cash App Beta Tester

That’s not hard. Just Show then the money.

Viral Cash App a Monkey can do it

No I don’t think so….

Viral Cash App Earnings

Huge Red Flag! How?

Viral Cash App Middleman

Another Red Flag!

Unless you are a complete newbie in the online world, you can really see that this is a scammy product.

Unfortunately these are old sales techniques that have been used over and over again.  But it still works on beginners and this is one of the reasons why I am writing this review.

If you are a newbie, let me say this.

Matthew is using a technique that makes his product seem exclusive and limited.  He also makes it sound like a plug and play system and easy to make money online.

But the real T is that in order to make money online you there is going to be hard work involved, there is no skipping that part.

Viral Cash App Free Website of Your Own

Matthew, Matthew….

He claims that you are going to get you very own website.  That is yours free to share viral videos.

The truth is that you will not own those websites.  They are not your free websites, they are still Matthews.  His software just helps you create a page for you to promote videos with Ads and links.

That page still belongs to him.

You want to know why?

Because if you want to have your own website, you will need to purchase your own domain name.  There is no way to have your OWN website for Free.  Sorry.

Matthew is a Prolific Product Launcher

Viral Cash App is not the only product that Matthew Neer has created.  He has launched several other make money online (MMO) niche products.

Many of his products are very similar and brings a question to mind.

If this is so good why have so many similar types of products?

Is Viral Cash App A Scam?

Product Name: Viral Cash App

Product: Online Software

Price: $47.00

Owner/s: Matthew Neer

Guarantees:  YES

Recommend: NO

With all the information that I have provided in my review.

Is Viral Cash App Review: Scam or Viral Money Maker?

What are your thoughts?

Personally I really can’t see how you can make real money with this system.

You may make a buck here and buck there.

I would not say that is a scam because I do think that you will get a website with videos on it.

But I do think that the information that he gives about the income potential is very misleading.

A good thing is that it is sold on ClickBank so you will get your money back and Matthew does give a 60 day money back guarantee.

$47.00 is not a bad price to try it out for yourself if you still feel the need.

I just don’t want you going into this thinking that you are going to be making 7 figures any time soon.

I think that you would have a better chance in creating your own videos and building your own following and audience. This way YouTube will reward you for your efforts.

I do not recommend Viral Cash App.

Use A Proven Method Instead

This is a proven method but making money online is not easy, like anything else you will have to put in the hard work before you start seeing the results.

But this is a much better way of making money online….

If you are looking to make money fast online and are looking for a “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme” then you will be a long time looking.

You see a lot of internet marketing products will lure you into this “easy” money and the thought that you don’t have to work hard to make money online.

However if you are someone that is looking for a lifestyle change and willing to put in the hard work, then affiliate marketing is definitely something that you should look into to.

Because with that hard work mind-set you are ready to start building your passive income stream online.

If you want to earn the BIG BUCKS online then you are going to have to put the hard work in to get it.

All of the successful online influencers have put in the hard work and have been doing so for a while.

I have been putting in the hard work myself and working hard to build this website that you are on, and now I can make a living online with my website.

My website gets traffic on its own and I am glad to say that it is self-generating, but that is because I have learned how to make my website do this.

You can also learn how to do this as well with the platform that I am using and you can find out all the details on how it works right here in my Review/product guide.

Top Recommendation

On this platform you will learn how you can build your very own income generating online business and see how this business model works and you will also see where you can get started for free.

The great thing is that you will learn how to build your business from the ground up with a solid foundation.

You can also build your very first website in under 30 minutes and see how easy it is to get started.

Another great point is that you will have all the help that you need to stay on the right path to success.

I will also offer my personal help to you if and when you need it, but you will also a community of like-minded people along with the owners themselves.

You will have all you need to become successful along with your hard work and putting in the time so do so, therefore, there’s no time to waist.

Anyone can build a profitable website using step by step training given in my product review.

I will have shown you how it works for me and you can see for yourself how it is working for me on this website. You will also see how it is working for others too in my review.

You know that you can get started for FREE.

And you won’t be alone, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way and walk you through the process.

I will personally coach you through the process and you will be able to contact me at any stage when and if you need any help.

By hand holding I mean that I will show you the process and lead you to the step by step training that is helping thousands of ordinary people like me and you to build successful online businesses.

I will also help you through every step of the way from building your very first website to generating organic traffic.

You can get started free but first take see all the other benefits you will gain by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting Viral Cash App Review: Scam or Viral Money Maker?

I really hope that you found this helpful.

If you have any questions or thoughts regarding Viral Cash App or anything else, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

I always respond to my readers.

Here’s to making it happen


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