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Attention: Travel Bloggers

Hi and welcome to Smart Laptop Lifestyle

I want to show you how you can get paid by becoming a travel blogger.

Building a blog is like building any other business and it will take time to become successful in it.

Along with taking time it will also take your patience and commitment.

The reason why many bloggers fail is because they give up.

Know Your Industry

You will need to know how the travel industry works and is working.  You can do this by reading a lot of books.

It is also good to learn about how to writing successfully

Here are a few recommended books


How to be a Travel Writer – by Don George

The 4 Hour Work Week – by Tim Ferriss

Choose Yourself – by James Altucher

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – by Stephen R Covey

Online step by step training to build your travel blog

Online Step by Step Training

Be Different Be You

Find your style of writing and make it unique.

Think about the type of blogs that you like to read and look at the structure of these blogs.

Think about why you like to continue reading these blogs and what keeps you engaged.

In finding your style of writing, this will take practice and trying different things.

Find things that you are comfortable using first, so that you can get your writing flow.

Be Inventive

See what others are doing and do something different, for example is they are writing in a serious manner then you can writing in fun, funny manner.  You can use videos to add to your blog posts.

You can create your own travel videos or you can use relevant videos from YouTube until you create your own catalogue of travel videos.

Make your blog post visual.  Remember that a picture tells a story, so if you have some amazing pictures that you have taken on your travels, then this is your space to display them.

Invest in Your Blog

By investing I do not mean that you should spend a lot of money on advertising your travel blog.

Invest firstly with your time to build a successful travel blog.

Invest in learning about your industry

Invest in learning how to build an amazing travel blog

Invest in a great platform with a great community that will help your build and grow your travel business.

Build a Niche

The travel industry is massive.  There are so many areas that can be covered so it is much better to focus on a single area, such as your favourite place to travel to.

This is great because you already know what you love about this place and you already know some of the amazing places that can be visited and the rest you can learn.

You can always expand later but to be honest the more you get into writing your travel blog on your chosen niche your will realise that you have more than enough material to keep you going for a long time.

You may get questions from your readers that you can turn into a blog post.

Focus On Becoming An Expert

It is easier to focus on a niche area of travel blogging because then you can become an expert in that niche.

Also because your niche will be about your favourite destination to travel to, you already know a lot about it.

You could also become an expert in where you live, sharing all you knowledge about the area.

You can keep your niche narrow and go deep into it.

The great thing about becoming an expert in your niche is that people often prefer independent opinions.

Developing Your Niche

Later you can become even more creative and develop products that you can sell.


E books

Create your own guide book – people love independent opinions

Create your own T-shirts

Shop & Create on Zazzle

Tours Guides

Affiliate Marketing

You can find out more about developing your niche below

Niche Ideas

Finding Your First Niche

How to Find a niche for Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps

Relate to Your Readers

Find out what is trending in your niche, such as

Places to shop

Wedding venues

Amazing places to visit

Network with other Travel Bloggers

Attend travel events to learn more about what the developments are in the industry.  Get to know other travel bloggers.  You never know what you might learn from them.

Write as a Professional

You can write about your travel experiences but I think that is better to think about the bigger picture, when it comes to travel.

You want to connect with your readers on an emotional level and focus on telling the story about the destination.  You want them to want to be there, you want them to imagine themselves at that place. You want them to visualise themselves being there.

Rather than a personal travel diary.

Because there are a lot of personal travel diary blogs out there and you want to take it to the next level and write as a professional.

I have written an article below that you may find helpful.

How to Engage on the Web: 5 Important Tips

Be Persistent

Creating your own travel blog is not going to happen overnight and it will take a lot of hard work and keeping up with it.

Remember that many travel bloggers fail because they give up.

This is your business and being persistent will pay off as you become more experienced at it.

Be Patient

You will reach your goal and become an expert in your travel blogging niche, is you stay persistent.

Did you know that most bloggers fail because they give up and not because they have bad content?

As you continue writing content for your travel blog you will become better at writing content.  When you start writing your content you are still finding your flow and as you continue you start getting better and finding your flow.  As your travel blog grows you will be growing and developing also.

So be patient and it will all come together.

Before you know it you will have developed your very own successful laptop lifestyle.

How to become a travel blogger and Get Paid

Putting all this together you have the making of a really successful travel blog

You are going to need a website to put your travel content on.

How to Build Your Own Website Free and Easy

Get Your Free Website and Free Amazing Training TODAY

I mentioned in the developing your niche about affiliate marketing and developing your own products.

I also mentioned that you should have a great platform with a great community that will help your travel blog develop and grow as you grow.

Well developing your own products will come later as you grow in your niche but for now you could monetise your blog in other ways and this is where affiliate marketing comes in.

I have written a review on the platform that I use so that you can see all the amazing benefits for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate Review : The Real Deal Revealed

You will learn how to build your successful travel blog website from the ground up and how you can use affiliate marketing to get paid blogging.

If you already have your niche for your travel blog all picked out and just want to get started, then you can get started below and it is free to get started.

You will also get step by step training on how to get started and how to grow your travel blog business.

Online Step By Step Training

My Final Thoughts

Creating a successful travel blog will take time and writing about a trip is only a small part of it.

Successful blogging is mainly focused on content and should be reader centred and this is why I would recommend being a niche and creating products eventually around this niche.

I have followed this guide for my niche website and the great this is that it works.

Thank you for visiting Smart laptop Lifestyle

I would really appreciate your comment along with your like and share.


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2 thoughts on “How to Become a Travel Blogger and Get Paid

  1. Hi Jennifer, one of my regrets in life is that I didn’t grow up with computers. I am pretty proficient on them now but I no longer travel extensively.

    When I did, I use to entertain all my family and friends with my travelling tales. With a laptop it would have been so much easier and potentially financially rewarding. But it those days, it would have been ‘what the heck is a laptop.

    Your information should help many travellers to earn as they travel. Travel writers should also focus on travelling. It can’t all be learned from research and reading.


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