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“Did you know that in America over 3 million people list their home as their primary place of work?”

“Did you know that around 70% of home based businesses are in the UK?”

This is to give you an idea of the scale of people now working from home.

Whilst there are still many travel agencies that operate in brick and mortar locations, working from home has a variety of major advantages for travel professionals. One being that you don’t have to get dressed to make a booking. Lol

1. Minimal Start-Up costs

Minimal Start-up Cost

Starting any form of business will require some form of investment but working from home will reduce many other costs.

The other costs will include:

  • Mobile / cell phone
  • Computer / laptop
  • Internet connection

The great thing is that you will not have the addition costs of renting space so you can spend more time developing your travel business instead of worrying about rent payments.

2. Having Your Own Comfortable Work Space

Home Based Travel Agent

The brilliant thing is that you can work from wherever you like, this is a real laptop lifestyle opportunity.

The key is to find a space where you are most productive and where you can focus on your business.

You could find a space in your home and personalise it to suit you or you could also work in your local café.

The great thing is that it is your business and you can work wherever you want

3. You Can Spend More Time Working, Instead of Time Commuting

Rush Hour Traffic Jam

Another great thing about owning your own travel business and working from home is that you will not have to spend your time sitting is rush hour traffic for say an hour each day.

You could be spending that valuable time communicating and with your clients about their trips and or doing your research.

Just imagine that you could become productive the moment you have had your first cup of coffee. YAY.

4. Build A Schedule That Works for Your and Your Lifestyle

Organise Your Own Schedule

You design a schedule that works best for you and your lifestyle.

On the platform that I am using there are many people with many different backgrounds and situations and adapt their travel business to suit them.

Some have full-time jobs and operate their training business in the evenings, whilst some work part-time and fit it into their days off.

Then you will have others that will dedicate full-time hours into their travel business.

What I am getting at is that the important things is that you do what works for you.

5. You Can Be Available for Important Moments and Events

Children's Sports Day

Owning your own travel agency is a real game changer when it comes to being there to those special moments.

Because you will not have to clock in or clock out and you will not be tied to an office desk working on someone else’s dream.

You will be working for yourself. You are the boss, your set your hours.

In fact the only time that you will have answer to someone else is when you are contacting your clients about their trips and you can schedule them into your life and plans.

Just imagine that you are a travel agent that works from home.  You can attend any family event, your children’s events and or activities, and or take a long weekend visiting with friends and family.

Birthday Party

You are in control of your time.

6. You Will Never Need Vacation Days


The amazing thing is that being an Independent Travel Agent means that your job is your vacation. YAY.

You will be learning and experiencing them, so that you will gain knowledge that will enable you to assist your clients.

When you become more experience your will also be going on more “FAM” familiarisation trips when they become more available to the more popular resorts.

You've Got This

The bottom line is that owning your own home-based travel business will allow you to have more freedom and less stress.

For all new businesses there will be challenges, but this is where having a right platform that will offer you training and support teams are for.

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